The Lord of the Rings, parallel adventure.

I did not know how to call it. What I am planning to do is playing solo encounters with the members of the Fellowship through their journey from The Shire up to Gondor or even farther. But it is not going to be exactly as in the books or in the movies as I am going to skip big events and battles, as well as powerful, almost unbeatable characters from the skirmishes such as Tom Bombadil, the Ring Wraiths, the Balrog, the Undead from the Dark Door or Sauron to name a few. My idea is to play skirmishes with everyday monsters so to speak, and see if the members of the Fellowship survive or not; in a fashion to the old PC game Lord of the Rings from 1990 from Interplay, which alsot had that fantastic soundtrack. I mean, it is quite probably that some of them won't make it, and that the One Ring passes from one bearer to another on its way to its final destination. We shall see.

In my mind, I thought about playing two encounters with the Hobbits going from The Shire to Bree, then one with Aragorn before Bree. After that, the survivors will have two more encounters before reaching Rivendell. There, the Fellowship will be formed (I won't play encounters of Gandalf, Gimli and Boromir reaching Rivendell as I cannot remember there were any information about them). The Fellowship will depart from Rivendell and will have one encounter in Moria, maybe another encounter in their way to Lórien. Later, the ambush of the Uruk Hai and then one mission with Aragorn, Legolas and Gimli to rescue Pippin and Merry if they still live. After Helms Deep and the meeting with Saruman, the surviving members of the Fellowship will go to Minas Tirith, but before that I will surely play at least one encounter with Frodo, Sam and Gollum, maybe with Shelob and Cirith Ungol, and probably, if I reach that far, I will think and play some more encounters like Ithilien and who knows? maybe a few more up to Mordor.

I'll be using home made solo skirmish rules for the fighting, and the beautiful book Jouneys of Frodo by Barbara Strachey to get a general idea of the journey and its surroundings when deploying terrain. The miniatures to play are all 1/72 soft plastic soldiers, mostly from Dark Alliance and Caesar, plus the Fellowship of the Ring that it is 3D printed.

This copy belonged to my best buddy who sadly passed away on 2020, and I am going to share this adventure with him as well as with you, dear readers.

Woody End
Hiding from the the Rider, the Hobbits took the path through Woody End south of East Road. The river is The Stockbrook, and they have to cross it to get to Maggot's Farm and then the Causeway. The Hobbits start at the bottom left, on the path, and there is one hazard token (HT) up in their way. More HTs, one per turn, will appear on any border at random: 1d6: 1-3 top border, 4 rightt, 5 bottom, 6 left. HTs can be good or bad things, events or even a false alarm. The Hobbits in the thick wood count as hidden and enemies can only detect them by passing a spotting test.

Our little adventurers coming out from their world for the first time.

Suspecting some trouble ahead the compay decided to get out of the path and into the wood but the HT also moved similarly. HTs move at random.

They continued to move East and having sight of the HT they resolved it. Funnily, of all possible things they could meet, it was an Elf. -Look Mister Frodo, Elves!

Another HT showed behind them but I was more relaxed after seeing they will have some help.

The Elf and the Hobbits pushed forwards towards the ford and for a few turns they did not see anybody. Here I made a mistake with my own rules as HTs should have started to appear since the very first turn, and also move straight towards the centre of the table and then at random, but instead of that, they started moving at random since they appeared and so, they ended very dispersed and away from the Hobbits. When I realised about this it was too late so I decided to leave it as it was and give the boys some edge for being their first encounter.

Here are the adventurers about to cross the ford and exit the sector with success. Another reason for  this lack of enemies was that I never rolled 1 to 3 with a d6 for deploying HTs and thus no one came to their front, but from sides and from back, allowing them to escape without any trouble.

Not a very exiting game but we will see how they manage in the next encounter, crossing the Old Forest and the Barrow Downs.


  1. Javier,
    I just started to re-read the LotR books again after probably at least 20+ years. Man, I forgot a whole lot of things! Anyway, during the council of Elrond, Gandalf does relate in some detail his tale of how he escaped from Saruman and the sort of roundabout journey he took to get to Rivendell. That might be a possible scenario for you, though it would largely be Gandalf versus Saruman's orcs that are chasing after him.

    1. My memory is feeble and also I'm confusing things from the books with ones from the movie. I may take a look a what you comment, and I even consider also doing an encounter or two or Boromir coming from Gondor through Rohan. Thank you Chris.

  2. There must be something in the air, as I have started far-reaching the books as well! A good start, I'm looking forward to seeing how this ambitious project works out.

    1. Thank you Alan. This year is getting more and more busier as I'm already swamped right now so I'm afraid I won't be able to play as much as I want. However, I'll keep playing it up to the end, hopefully :)