5150 Types of armour and a Kabasu.

I have these four types of armour for 5150 Gaea Prime - First Defense or any other 5150 games from Two Hour Wargames, but I can also use them for any other sci-fi universe.

From left to right: Soft Body Armor (SB), Hard Body Armor (HB), Exo-Armor and Battle Tactical Armor (BTA). All from Khurasan Miniatures.

And this is a Kabasu. The miniature is a Tavshar Prime from Loud Ninja Games sold by Alternative Armies.

A size comparative shot.


5150 Gaea Prime - First Defense 4th encounter - Raid.

Well, the last mission was a failed attack so the next mission had to be a Raid. Besides, my morale dropped to 4 and the Hishen's raised to 4 as well.
As usual I rolled for terrain and PEFs (Possible Enemy Forces) and then deployed 1st Squad with my Star character, Sargent Blacksmith Rep 5, Born Leader, Crack Shot, and Corporal Artois Rep 4, specialist Rep 4 with missile launcher, two grunts Rep 4 and one last Rep 3; all in Hard Body armor and armed with assault rifles.

Turn 1. Star Army 5 - Hishen 6.
One of the PEFs deployed in section 5 in the open and it was immediately resolved. It was a spaceship crew of Hishen in Soft Body Armor and with Parak Pistols, who was quickly dispatched by my squad. Only their leader Ducked Back to the forest behind him and survived, but then he left the battlefield. After that, the squad moved forward towards the woods in front of them. Hishen didn't activate.

Turn 2. Star Army 4 - Hishen 4, doubles and a squad of Shodow Corp appeared on sector 4. Then I rolled again for activation: SA 2 - Hishen 4 - Shadow Corp 6.
The Shadow Corp squad appeared right in front on my squad. They won the Reaction Test and fired first.

They hit all my men except the sargent who fired back and killed one merc. Fortunately, Shadow corp rolled low on damage and three of my men could Duck Back. After the reaction it was Star Army's turn, so St. Blacksmith threw a hand grenade and killed all the enemy squad except one, who fled afte that. 

Turn 3. SA 6 - Hishen 6, double but nothing happened. I rolled again and scored snake eyes but nothing happened. Rolled a third time and scored again doubles! This time a Zhuh-Zhuh spaceship crew appeared on sector 6. I rolled one more time for the activation of this turn and scored Star Army 4 - Hishen 5 - Zhuh-Zhuh 6.
After finishing the Shadow Corp squad I moved 1st squad to the border of the woods and waited there. One PEF approached by the road ot my position and the other retired behind the hills.

Turn 4. Star Army 5 - Hishen 6 - Zhuh-Zhuh 5.
Hishen didn't activate and Zhuh-Zhuh on Raid mission and without enemies on sight stayed put. I fast moved my squad to the city but two men didn't reach it.

Turn 5. Star Army 1 - Hishen 3 - Zhuh-Zhuh 6.
PEF on the road moved backwards and Zhuh-Zhuh sighted and resolved it, and it turned out to be nothing. The other PEF didn't move. I stayed in the building.

Turn 6. Star Army 5 - Hishen 2 - Zhuh-Zhuh 5.
The last PEF finally moved towards the nearest enemy and it turned out into a Hishen squad.

Hishen won the Reaction Test and killed all Zhuh-Zhuh in the open except the leader who ducked back behind the hill's ridgeline. One Hishen died and another ducked back. Afer that, in the Will to Fight Test that is taken whenever there are casualties, the Zhuh-Zhuh leader didn't flee the battlefield and all Hishen except their squad leader Hunkered Down.

Turn 7. Star Army 3 - Hishen 5 - Zhuh-Zhuh 6.
I moved my squad along the road and surprised the surviving Zhuh-Zhuh. Hishen didn't activate.

Turn 8. Star Army 1 - Hishen 2.
Hishen leader rallied his squad while my squad reached the building next to them.

Turn 9. Star Army 2 - Hishen 1.
I advanced my troopers through the building and sighted the flank of the Hishen. My squad finished all of them except one who later fled the battlefield.
Mission accomplished, return to base.

After the mission.
I rolled for my wounded grunt and he recovered. The other trooper was KIA so I rolled for replacements but didn't receive any, so now 1st Squad has only five soldiers. One grunt raised to Rep 5.
After investigating alien languages, I decided to research Mind Shield to protect my soldiers from Razor's Psy attacks. I had +1d6 bonus for eliminating everybody on the battlefield and I could pass without any problem the research, so from now onwards Star Army soldiers will wear Mind Shields as standard equipment.
As I won the Raid mission, the next one would be attack again.
Until then.


5150 Star Army marines in Exo-armor

These 15mm  miniatures from Khurasan under the name of Earth War Force Reserve are in my opinion the best 15mm power armour guys in the market so far.

I bougtht a blister of 10 troopers and another one of 2 commands that gives me two squads of six men each.

I'll bought them to use them as Star Army guys in Exo-armor for my Gaea Prime - First Defense campaign, but I'll be also using them everytime I need PA guys.

First Squad

Second Squad



5150 Gaea Prime - First Defense 03

As I won the previous attack mission I had to attack again, but this time I chose to try to exit the table at the opposite edge with 3/4 of my forces intact and having inflicted more casualties than received.
I generated terrain and roll for PEFs and deployed two squads with my Star, Sergeant Blacksmith and the new medic on the 1st Squad, as you can see in the picture below.

Turn 1. Star Army 2 - Hishen 2 
Doubles! Time to roll for third parties and I got a squad of Shadow Corporation mercs. They appeared on section 3 and resolved the PEF there, that turned out to be nothing.

After resolving the doubles in the Activation I rolled again and got SA 6 - Hishen 4 - Shadow Corp 6. So I activated first but only the 1st Squad with my Star Rep 6. They dashed through the woods confident in their new Hard Body armor that I hoped it would reduce the kill ratio among the casualties.

Once I finished it was the turn of the Hishen. Both remaining PEFs moved forward towards closest enemy. Shadow Corp did not activate.

Turn 2. Star Army 6 - Hishen 4 - Shadow Corp 5.
I moved my Star with a section to the woods on his left where I could see the Shadow Corp mercs and shot at them after winning the Reaction Test, making one Out of the Fight (OOF) and one Obviously Dead (OD). Then, in the Will to Fight Test, three of them Hunkered Down. The remaining trooper was a Rep 3 and couldn't activate this turn. Hishen PEFs didn't move.

Turn 3. Star Army 2 - Hishen 1 - Shadow Corp 4.
I moved 2nd Squad forward and captured three mercs and killed the surviving one standing in the open.

Hishen PEF in the centre did not move but the one on the left advanced and it was resolved. It was a squad with a Razor leading it!

1st Squad won the Reaction Test, killing two Hishen and making the rest to dive for cover.

Turn 4. Star Army 1 - Hishen 2.
The remaining PEF advanced and it was resolved. It was a reinforced squad with two Grath. Grath shot first and made 1st Squad to Duck Back with their hight firing rate Grath Assault Rifles.

In the building the Razor launched a Psy Blast that put five members of the 1st Squad OOF! Sg. Blacksmith was the only survivor and was ordered to leave the battle. 
At this point the mission was lost as it was impossible to exit 3/4 of my forces due to the heavy casualties. But I could save the day if I captured that bloody Razor alive for the ASI and revenge my boys, so my Star ignored the order of leaving and went on hunting.

Turn 5. Star Army 3 - Hishen 1.
So while my Star was flanking the Razor, 2nd squad flanked the Hishen on the hill in the middle and shot down most of them after winning the Reaction Test. The surviving Grath left the battle.

Sargent Corben from 2nd Squad also detached one grunt to escort the Shadow Corp prisoners out of the battlefield.

Turn 6. Star Army 5 - Hishen 2.
On the right 2nd Squad reached the hill's rigdeline and in the ensuing shootout the grunt with the SAW was KIA, but also one Hishen was OOF and another Ducked Back. Two grunts from 2nd Squad Hunkered Down.

On the left Sg. Blacksmith surprised the Razor and the other Hishen. The Razor Ducked Back on time but the Hishen didn't make it (OOF). Hishen could do nothing on their activation.

Turn 7. Star Army 4 - Hishen 4.
Doubles again and this time a squad of Zhuh-Zhuh appeared on Section 1.

The boys from 2nd Squad on the hill sighted them, putting three of them OOF whereas the other two Ducked Back behind a car.

After resolving the Third Party Reaction I rolled again for Activation and scored Star Army 3 - Hishen 2 - Zhuh-Zhuh 4. Zhuh-Zhuh were Duck Back so I activated my Star who moved to the building were the Hishen were hiding. The Razor won the Reacting Test but he was unarmed and couldn't use Psy Powers on Reaction so he charged, but Sg. Blacksmith shot him down before he could reach him. The remaining Hishen surrendered.

So this was the situation after that.

Turn 8. Star Army 5 - Hishen 3 - Zhuh-Zhuh 1.
Last turn. My Star activated, sighted the Zhuh-Zhuh and shot them down. Game over.

After the mission.
Now I had to roll for my wounded men and all of them recovered except the medic.
Then I rolled for replacements and I received a Rep 4 grunt for the 1st Squad and a Rep 4 grunt for the KIA from 2nd Squad.
My Star, Sg. Blacksmith decreased his Rep to 5, as the mission was a failure. But the captured Razor recovered and could be taken to interrogation together with the other Hishen! The three Shadow Corp mercs were court martialled for high treason and executed.
Finally and chose a new field of investigation, and as I got aliens alive I went for Alien Language and Interrogation Research. I had +1d6 bonus for capturing aliens alive plus +1d6 bonus for retrieving new alien species and a penalization of -1d6 for failing the mission. I could successfully research Alien Language and hopefully, next timeI would be able to research Mind Shield for protecting my troops from Psy attacks!
Until them.


Shadow Corp Mercs

These 15mm troopers are the Eastasian Hegemony from the Late 21st Century-Forever Wars range from Khurasan, and I'm using them as Shadow Corporation Mercenaries for the book 5150 Gaea Prime - First Defense:

"Most Citizens of Gaea Prime support their central government to fight off the aliens, but there are some big corporations working in the shadows, driven to acquired cutting-edge alien technology to use it for their own interests.

Shadow Corporations run their own missions to grab alien technology – and aren't that picky about who them getting from, including Gaea Prime operatives for their spoils."


5150 Xeog

Xeog are an alien race in the 5150 universe from Two Hour Wargames that you can meet in Gaea Prime - First Defense:
Xeog lineage can be traced back thousands of years to the ancient Shikar Empire. Most Xeog are part of a devout religious order whose sole purpose is the return of the Shikar Empire. Those are not the ones you're likely to run into. Those have made a science of moving stealthily through the universe. No, the ones that you will mostly encounter are the divas, the one's that enjoy the attention.
With naturally enhanced bio systems and strength, female Xeog strike a stunning pose. Keeping in line with their appearance and mind set, Xeog are too vain to wear any form of armor. Tall and slender these divas are not afraid to use whatever wiles are at their disposal to further their aims.

So searching the web I found these 15 mm miniatures from Ral Partha Europe that fit perfectly into their description, under the name of mercenary Vadorian assassins.