Red Sonja

Well, here it is my Red Sonja. Not very well painted and even worse photographed but she is finished and now it is just a matter of finding some time to play a game of CROM.

I got a great skin tone but then I ruined it when I dried brushed the metal parts of the model and tried to correct it painting flesh tone over it again. The same happened with her eyes; I painted them three or four times and each time they came out worse than the previous one!

Here you can see her with one Copplestone's barbarian that I painted time ago and who could pass for a young and savage Conan.



After painting Valeria now it is turn for Belit, the queen of the dark coast. This miniature is from Reaper and sculpted by Denis Mize, a fantastic sculptor well known for his chicks in chainmail who sadly is no longer among us.

I painted this brunette in blue with a dark skinned tone to simulate her life sailing the seas on her pirate ship. For that I used Vallejo Model Color Light Brown 929. The shield is a decal from LBM for 1/72 greeks that I found in the warp of my wardrobe. I could have gone with a freehand painting but I am laaazy :)

Mize's minis remind me to some of Tom Meier's because of the delicacy in the sculpting of her face, hair, chain mail and jewels. Everything is so tiny and so well sculpted that I feel afraid of spoiling the miniature with myr rough painting!

In the shot below the miniature's pose looks weird but I think it is because of the angle in which the picture was taken.

Here you have a comparison between Hasslefree's "Valeria" and Mize's "Belit". As you see there is a big difference between them. Belit looks like a giant next to Valeria. I wish miniature sculptors made the figures of the same size and not 25mm, true 28mm, 28mm, heroic 28mm and so on.

Now off to paint the third and last girl, Red Sonya. This one will be a Denis Mize's again.



On sale 10 metal OOP Savage Orcs including a shaman and a HQ blister for 25 € plus P&P.

Se venden 10 orcos de metal descatalogados que incluyen 6 de tropa, dos de mando y un chamán. Todo por 25 € más gastos de envío.


X-Com Specialists

Here we have the sniper and the heavy machine gun. It should be also the missile / rocket launcher but the metal scout with ML is difficult to find on Ebay and very expensive.

Again there is the technological progression from left to right needed to play an X-Com campaign.

And here the progression with the snipers. As there are not SM snipers I quickly scratch build one. I wanted a BFG able to pierce even tank armour, but I am afraid I put a rather long barrel, don't you think? LOL! I think I will shorten it a little bit. I used an Orc gun to make the sniper rifle; the rest is a SM scope and plastic bits.


X-Com soldiers

I am planning to make a solo X-Com campaign and as I had some Copplestone's and GW Space Marines laying around I thought that SM Scouts could be the perfect intermediate trooper between them so I got some on Ebay.
I bought two with shotgun, two with bolter, one with heavy bolter and two snipers. I have not painted yet the heavy bolter and sniper troopers.

Below you can see how it would be the technological progression from left to right. I have to find a plastic shotgun from the new SM Scouts and some kind of sniper rifle for a Space Marine; any ideas?