FUBAR solo skirmish

More FUBAR skirmish, but this time with Fantasy elements in it plus a little solo experiment. Enemies are not on the table and they are coming out from different places and they are not always enemies.

I went for the typical four with a Barbarian, a Dwarf, a Wizard with the spells Heal, Magic Bolt and Light, and an Elf archer; all of them with Veteran level and with one Command Point each. Dwarf with armour 4+ and the rest with armour 6+.

First enemy sighted! An Orc Elite level with armour 3+.

He charges and wounds the Dwarf but then he is quickly dispatched.

The Wizard opens the door of the first house and four Orcs Green level come out of it; the Dwarf comes in her aid...

And then the Barbarian.

On the other side of the village some Green armed militia show up and behind them another Elite Orc.

The archer shoots him to no effect and the other man valiantly charges him and gets wounded.

Meanwhile, the Orcs at the firest house are finished and the Barbarian and the Wizard run in aid of the Dwarf and the Elf, who get in trouble checking the second house with two Veteran Orcs.

But they are stopped by another Elite who suddenly appear from the West, and they can't assist their comrades. The Elf is down and the Darf runs for his life, but he is pursued and attacked again in the ford. Luckily for him, this time he is the winner.

Lo and behold, a Necromancer!

He casts "Swarm of skulls" and destroys his magic opponent in one go. More militia come in support.

On their way to the third and last house our heroes meet three Seasoned Orcs who got lucky on their rolls...

And slay the last two remaining heroes of the party.

The militia kills the Necromancer with arrows and stones while the rest run to help our heroes but it is too late for them, and possibly for the village as there are only a few brave souls to defend it from the Orcs.

Well, this little adventure didn't end too well. The Barbarian rolled awfully during all the game but there could also have been more Orcs and less militia. In the end, there are still a few things to tweak, but I think that already designed scenarios would suit better for small skirmish games than this little solo adventure.

Now I think I will set apart for a moment this FUBAR fever that caught me and resume my Lord of the Rings campaign, but I will can back to FUBAR for some modern action.



FUBAR Skirmish

FUBAR can also be played with single model units but their numbers should be restricted as they need activation like any Warband in a standard FUBAR game, which means it not a good idea to have more than say, ten members per side.

On this game, Norman tax collectors are being ambushed by some Saxons in the most Robin Hood fashion. Normans are seasoned and have save 4+, except one knight on foot who is veteran and another on horse who is elite, save 3+ and with two command points. The horse cannot enter into the woods.

Saxons are all seasoned with save 6+. 

Saxons activate first and also have +2 on the Activation roll in the first turn as they are ambushing.

Archers wound and even kill some Normans who barely react in the first turn.

Seizing the initiative, the Saxon make numbers against the knight on horse who wounds some of them but he also gets wounded twice and have to spend his two command points to nullify them and survive.

Next turn, and Normans still doing little except for the knight on foot who dispatches two Saxons in the forest. The crossbowman shoots and wounds and archer but then he is overun by enemies. A Norman spear rushes to help his lord but he is slained. Things not looking good for Normans.

The crossbowman and another Norman infantry are down and so are some Saxons, who also have many of them already wounded. Will the Normans be able to escape in the end?

Well, no. The Norman knights cannot no longer resist so many Saxons swarming upon them and they are both killed.

The last two Normans at the back of the convoy try to escape but only one barely escapes to tell the news, with a few Saxon arrows stuck on his chainmail!

As I said, FUBAR is a great ruleset and it has many possibilites. Now I'm thinking on doing some solo skirmish adventures with my Fantasy models.