Return to 15 mm?

Years ago, and after much thinking, I decided to get rid off all my 15 mm stuff and stick with 28 mm. But now I had to pack all my stuff and put it in a safer place, so I do not have neither miniatures nor terrain to play with.

While packing things up I found a surviving blister of 15 mm. sci-fi monkeys from Highlander Studio, and then I started to think about painting them and get some more for small, easy to store and portable skirmishes. 

Well, the result is below, and right now I am looking at Khurasan, Rebel and GZG shop.



Another Frazetta's

I have painted another Bronze Age miniature inspired on one of Frazetta's illustrations; a sea raider.
Not historically accurate, but a gorgeous model deserving to lead a raiding warband on any gaming table!
Dunno why, I envisioned him clad in blue and silver instead of gold and red.


The shield comes sculpted and only needs paint.

Once again, the pose is dynamic yet his face and general aspect is classic. I love it.