[WIP] Red Sand Purple Sky. Chased in the woods.

Beran had been walking through the dense woods for a week and running for his life since this morning. It was still dark when he felt an evil presence stalking near the camp. He quickly packed his things up, and run southwards trying to escape from whatever was chasing him. He soon heard the howling of several beasts calling for the hunt.
After a couple hours of pursue, Beran spotted a ruined woodcutter hut and decided he had enough. He had about half an hour advantage over his pursuers, and without wasting time he set up two traps on both entrances to the hut and then he laid in wait inside, hoping the house would mask his smell. He was ready.
After a few minutes of waiting, he heard noises of something running through the wood, but then the sound vanished. Again, he thought he had heard something, but nothing happened. (the two first PEFs resulted to be false alarms). After a few more minutes of tense waiting, Beran was about to come out from his hiding, when suddenly a nightmarish creature came out from the vegetation. Beran almost jumped on his place when he saw it, and the werewolf instantly spotting him, dashed for the closest entrance.
Beran moved to the entrance to lure the beast into the trap, but the werewolf noticed it and with an evil growl he jumped over it and attacked Beran (it passed the test and detected the trap). The other wolf closed to the second entrance.
The werewolf gripped Beran's shield with one claw and the with the other ripped Beran's chest, heavily wounding him! Beran desperately attacked the monster but it easily dodged him. The other wolf failed to see the trap at the back door and was deadly wounded.
Now the werewolf heavily bashed Beran's shield and knocked him to the ground, where he attacked him again trying to bite off his throat. Beran blocked the attack with his shield; then the beast tried it again, but again Beran could stop it on time.
The werewolf swiped at Beran's head but his quite battered shield blocked it again. Beran took advantage to rise on his feet again and stroke powerfully the beast's left arm, almost breaking it. The monster fell to the ground in pain but Beran did not know to finish it.
Then the werewolf stood on its paws and attacked Beran again, but weaken by the wound, posed no threat for the barbarian who easily stood his place for a couple of rounds, until the beast fainted and fell to the ground spent where Beran smashed its head repeatedly with his morningstar. He made it alive by a hair's breath (only one die pool remaining).
Looking at the dead beast he noticed a golden ring on one of its paws and took it. Immediately the werewolf turned into human shape of a skinny bearded man, perhaps the woodcutter? Not daring to use the ring, Beran put into his bag and resumed his way to the South.
Beran gained 25 APs and now has a total of 64.