Five Core Company Command with my son

My son is ten years old and only knows about Star Wars and Lord of the Rings, and as I wanted him to play some WWII games with me I started to tell him about it. Then I thought that the best way to show him would be by watching films just like he did with SW & LOTR, and then I wondered what films could I watch with him.
I have saving private Ryan, Iron cross, a bridge over river Kwai, dirty dozen, etc, but none of those seemed me appropriate for him. Finally I chose Kelly's heroes and it was a success; he laughed a lot with Oddball, but also knew about artillery support and friendly fire (Mulligan's) as well as troop morale, and also that you need to be real close to kill a Tiger with a Sherman ;-)

Well, after the film we played a WWII game at company level. For this game I chose Five Core Company Command by Nordic Weasel because I think it is perfect to play with kids. All measures are done with a six inches stick, you only activate three or four stands per turn from an army of twelve or less stands, there are no tables or modifiers and you only need to look for ones or sixes on a D6 rolls, and still it allows you tactical decisions and gives some tension, all in less than two hours.


Pendraken bases for Warband.

Pendraken bases for Warband come in two formats; one to glue the Pendraken miniatures directly onto the bases, and another to fit with your already existing armies from Warmaster or DBX. I ordered these last ones and I am quite happy with them.

Here you can see mine already glued, painted and flocked. You can buy apart a set of wooden squares and dice, with many colours to choose, to mark morale or casualties on units; something very useful not only for Pendraken's Warband but for many other rulesets.

Here you can see most of my Warmaster's Orc army on the new Pendraken's bases, which will allow me to play comfortably to Warband Fantasy Rules.

They also have bases of only three slots in case you want to use just one three stands' Warmaster unit and not four stands as I am doing it. I ordered this type of base as well for bigger creatures such as Ogres and Trolls.

Some more close shots.

The great thing about these bases is that you can also use them for many other rulesets as Impetus, Hail Caesar, Lion Rampant, DBA on big bases, etc.
Below you can see some on my 6mm Baccus EIR on such bases.
All in all, an excellent purchase.