Zhuh-Zhuhs II

More monkey boys for 5150. These will be the last painted figures in the next two months as this morning my right hand was operated on, and once I recover from this I will be operated on my left hand!

Some more pilots.

 A couple of mughees.

Group shot. I still have to paint two more mughees but that will have to be next year :(

And here we have the first war android the Basics built. The Homus Mechanicus, or Symon predecessor. This is my first OSL so bear with me.


5150 Zhuh-Zhuhs I

Here is the first batch of Zhuh-Zhuhs (space monkeys) I am painting for the Two Hour Wargames 5150 Universe.
The first two I painted did not turn out very well, especially their eyes (and the flash did not help either), but I am improving. I will paint some more monkeys and post them here in a week or two.

Pilots are a special breed among the Zhuh-Zhuhs and get better equipment and weapons.

These are the normal crew and troopers. I regret not swapping their weapons for futuristic ones like the pilots.


Copplestone's Wolf Riders for my Warmaster Orc Army

I thought I had finished painting my Orc army for Warmaster when the other day I discovered in the warp of my wardrobe this blister of Copplestone's Wolf Raiders.
Well, I painted them and now I'm wondering if using them as wolf riders or as boar riders because of their size.

Pensaba que ya había terminado de pintar mi ejército de orcos para Warmaster cuando el otro día descubrí una unidad de jinetes lobos de Copplestone.
Ahora que los he pintado me pregunto si los usaré como jinestes sobre lobo o sobre jabalíes porque son realmente grandes.

Below you can see a comparative among BOFA plastics wolves, Copplestone's and GW's.

Debajo pueden ver una foto comparativa de los lobos de plástico de la caja de la Batalla de los Cinco Ejércitos, los de Copplestone y los de GW.

Here one betwen the wolves and the boar riders. As you see they are even a taller than the boars.

Aquí tienen una de los lobos junto a los jabalíes de GW. Como pueden ver son incluso un poco más altos de los jabalíes.


5150 FC Star Carrier

I bought this carrier from Hobby Link Japan to be my fleet's flagship for  playing 5150 Fighter Command. I am planning a full campaign using this carrier as my personal ship. It is 24 cm. long approximately.

The carrier next to a Silent Death plastic fighter for size comparison.

Here you can see the deck with fighters on it. There is another deck below that for landing fighters.

These three ships plus P&P from Japan for 13 €. Bargain!

By the way, I am sorry to say that I cannot answer to any comments on my blog, nor I can publish on someone else's blog so far because for some mysterious reason my messages disappear when I hit the publish buttom. I hope the problem gets fixed soon :(



I have just painted these girls to use them as XEOGs in the 5150 Universe. I think they match perfectly with the only picture of XEOGS in the ruleset.

          5150 XEOG                              Blue Bunny


Review of 5150 Fighter Command

5150 Fighter Command is the first ruleset I write for Two Hour Wargames. What I tried to do with this ruleset is giving you the chance to fly a star fighter just like you did in the PC game Wing Commander. In case you never played that game, just imagine how it would be flying a Star Wars X-wing or Interceptor and you will have a very close view of Fighter Commander.

Here you have two fine reviews of Fighter Commander. One by the WARGAMING ADDICT  and another by  DELTA VECTOR
Many thanks to both of them!


Gears of War

Or Hishen Wars I should say, as I bought this game box to use the figures as Hishen for the 5150 universe by Two Hour Wargames. Such universe does not have official miniatures and it is very difficult to find something similar to the illustrations. 

  In this picture you can see all the models in the game

Well, Acheson Miniatures has some Hishen and Grath but they are so ugly that I would not even want them for free! Here you can see an illustration of a Grath from the 5150 ruleset and my find from Gow.

And here you can see the Acheson's Grath (Eeeeew!).

Anyway, I will play the game Gears of War one of these days and maybe I would like it! :)

 This would be a Hishen team or squad. 1 Razor (top left), 1 Grath (top right), 3 Hishen warriors, the one in the middle specialist with a stun cannon to get prisoners alive, 2 uncompleted Hishen warriors used as trackers or shepherds, and 2 "hounds" to chase fugitives. The game gives you enough figures to build three squads.

 These are the four marines it comes in the box.

A shot next to one GW's Space Marine and one Copplestone's marine. As you can see, although the GoW marine is thinner and taller, it matches perfectly with them. The miniatures are made of semi rigid plastic like the ones from Doom or Descent.

A Grath next to a human.

I do not know yet what this huge monster would be. (the brutal brigade?)