Two more for the grave

I have not played yet any game of Frostgrave but at least it is making me to paint. This time I painted a Reaper miniature sculpted by Bob Olley who will be a wight or spectre, and a running barbarian by Copplestone that I ordered to Forlorn Hope and who will be a thug or maybe a thief for Frostgrave.

Upper torso a bit out of focus, sorry. I tried to paint some sort of ghostly light coming out from his eyes but I failed miserably and then I extended the paint all over his face and flesh, looking now more like a zombie.

I bought this guy to put him running with some war dogs as a beast master for my Chaos army, but now he will run for treasures in Frostgrave!


Hello Kitty Sigilist

Looking at these pictures you can tell I ruined this fantastic sculpt by Dennis Mize because the grotesque make up and the lack of transitions, specially in the skin tone, but thanks God she looks great from tabletop distance.

Her purse, lovely hair and customes, made me want to give her a teenish look, so I chose the Hello Kitty colour palette: pink, white and light blue.

As she is holding a scroll she would make a perfect Sigilist for Frostgrave.


Painted BTD Skellies

Two blisters of Old School flavour skeletons for Frostgrave. One blister of armoured skeletons...


... and another of unarmoured skeletons. Ideal for Frostgrave encounters.
The varnish did funny things with the verdigris.