Attack - defense scenario at 500 points, second try.

This time I played the defender and in the picture below you can see my deployment in the central area of the table: a Stug III G squadron in the cornfields, a pak 40 in a dug-out on the road and next to it a Flak 37; at the top there is a trench with one Panzergrenadier squadron and the platoon command squadron in it. There is also a Kubelwagen on the road with the senior officer.

The Russians brought one T-34, one infantry squadron and one Zis-3. You can see some of them in the top left square of the picture below, with the German forces waiting for them to get closer.

And here is the Zis already deployed on the hill. It shot many times against the Stug in front of it which returned fire to avoid spotting. Ultimately, my Flak fired and killed one crewman and the rest abandoned the gun.

Obeying order from above, the Russians charged madly and when they passed the hill my Stug destroyed it and then my infantry slaughtered the already pinned tank riders.

The Russians were left without forces and had to wait until turn three to receive reinforcements. They scored a six and all the remaining tanks plus the senior officer and commissar entered the table. There was a tank duel from the hill in which the Russians killed one Stug III whereas my Pak40 destroyed one T-34.

Ray, a doggy German collaborationist also helped in the destruction of the Russian forces by completely devouring one Zis-2 and all its crew. It later was martial courted and shot (isn't it cute).

My senior officer finally could call for artillery strike and a 82mm mortar battery pinned all commanding staff on the hill, as well as my firing tanks which also pinned two of the Russian tanks. Later on, Russians had to draw two BR cards to rally all his forces.

Below you can see my reinforcements entering on turn 5; two Panzergrenadier squads plus a Pz-IV, on the road behind the house.

The Russians reached the hill containing one objective and destroyed another Stug III, the one behind the trench. I could not destroy any of his tanks in response but at least I was able to pin one of them.

In the last turn of the game my Flak killed the remaining HQ staff on the hill and the Russians broke. Game over for 35 to 12. In the end the Russians could not pass beyond that hill and take the other two objectives.


PSC WWII German infantry painted for Battlegroup

I have just finished the box of Plastic Soldier Company WWII German infantry that I will be using for all my Battlegroup games. They have a few wrong things as Plastic Soldier Review pointed out, but they are also very well sculpted and casted miniatures in hard or rigid plastic, and a bargain too as you get one full platoon plus some extras in just one box.

They were fast painted at tabletop level but in the end I had to put more work on them because the spray varnish (from GW) turned them white, so I had to paint new lights on them to cover the mess and varnish them again, this time with a brush. Still you can see some of the white if you look at them closely. This is the last time I ever use a varnish spray can. 

The figure with binoculars and pointing is not from the box. I have to say that the box included many spare heads but none of them with an officer cap, so to have a lieutenant for my Battleground forces I borrowed this figure from a Revell artillery set, which I think it fits perfectly with the PSCs.

 Here you can see a Panzergrenadier team.

And here a Recon team with Sdkfz.

I have to say that I already had a German infantry platoon painted, but they are from Valiant miniatures; too big and with weapons a bit disproportionated for my taste. In the picture you can see clearly the huge gap between Valiant's and PSC's, both 1/72 scale.

And another comparison shot.



This is our first attack-defence game at 500 points. I'm playing Germans as the attacker. My initial deployment was all my scout units plus up to three units and I picked a panther platoon.
The Russians rolled 2d6 to see how many units he could deploy and scored 7. He deployed two T-34, one Zis, a commissar, an artillery spotter, a senior officer and a comm relay. He thought his 3 of-board 82 mm mortars were more important than deploying some infantry to defend the objectives, and that was a mistake.

Germans entered on the left. Russians bought some defences and deploy two minefields close to the river, a trench and reinforced cover for the AT gun.

 Getting ready for the Germans...

 On the first turn I drew up an air attack card and got a Stuka with 37mm cannons. At the beginning of the second turn it dived and destroyed one T-34!

Russians did not puy units on opportunity fire so I raced forwards with my recon, moving 24" twice and seized an unguarded objective.

But I did not realise about the other T-34 that could spot me and destroyed my Sdkfz 223. That was the price for the German arrogance.

After that, my tanks rolled onwards and crossed the bridge and one Panther destroyed the last T-34. The AT gun was destroyed as well by Tank machine gun fire.

It was the end of my turn 4 and the Russians were going to receive the rest of their army as reinforcements, so I tried to get the third and last objective which was in the trench. My time artillery strike failed miserably by rolling 5 ones with eight dice; then the Stuka failed with its machine guns, and finally I assaulted the trench with one squad of Panzergrenadiers. The machine gun team suppressed the Russian senior squad and the the assaulting infantry team wiped it out, forcing the Russian to take two Battle Rating counters that made him to break and lose the game.

The game was over on turn 4 and before the Russians got their reinforcements, by Germans 15, Russians 32. Great game, and fast too.


Bring them back alive!

Here you have some pictures I took during a Blood Eagle game we had in August. We played the scenario bring them back alive with four players at the local shop Kraken. We had to capture a VIP character standing in the middle of the board and escort him out of it.
The game turned into general slaughter and brutal tongue-in-cheek swearing, brawling, challenging, leaders duels with scared peasants in the middle of it. Great fun by Thor!


Battlegroup Kursk fourth game

Another game, this time playing 500 points and introducing German Panthers and PzIV as well as Russian T-34s and one Su. Again German major victory, winning 31 to 13.
Russians had to defend the bridge but Germans were able to deploy all their forces before the Russians.

The were other three objectives apart from the bridge, the small house and the central hill with the fallen fighter which were quickly captured by me, and the big house near the bridge which was also taken by two squads of Panzergrenadiers a few turns later.

Russian tanks entered the board moving a firing and missing all the shots. Then the awaiting Panthers killed two of them.

PzIV in position, controlling the crossroads.

More Russian tanks destroyed while one Panther trying to outflank.

 Russian T-34 had a lucky shot and destroyed one of the Panthers.

Things getting even worse for the German when one Zis destroyed the PzIV

The Panther missed both shots scoring two consecutive ones, and then when it got shot and rolled for morale test and scored another one, with the crew abandoning the tank!

The T-34 then had time to shot the second round to the Sdkfz, destroying it.

Fortunately Russians broke up and Germans finally won the match. Fast and fun game. Eager to play more!


Battlegroup Kursk

This is our second game with the rules Battlegroup Kursk and we are starting to love this system. It is easy, clear, fluid and fun to play.

This game was a 400 points platoon level, meeting engagement scenario. Me with a platoon of armoured panzer grenadier with one sniper, one 80mm mortar, FAO, senior officer and one StugIII G platoon. The Russians with a platoon of infantry with two Zis, one Maxim, one sniper, NKVD, senior officer in a T-34 tank and an artillery spotter for a 120mm mortar battery.

As you see, most terrain and miniatures are still WIP as we have just started with this project. All terrain is from my game pal Alexis, the Russian opponent.

End of turn 1; German forces have already grab their two closest objectives (Poker blue chits) and the Russian one of theirs.

One of the Zis controlled the road so I avoided and moved on both flanks, already disembarking my senior officer and one squad of Panzergrenadiers. You can also see one of the Stugs ambushed in the field, waiting for the T-34. Later we knew the Zia were totally out of range.

The Luftwaffe observer leaving the kubelwagen to grab one objective. The German miniatures are Valiant and they are quite more bigger than my opponent's, but I ordered a box of Plastic Soldier Company 1/72 German infantry to fix this!

On the left flank I sent one Panzergrenadier squad with the platoon officer plus one StugIII, to fight for the third objective in dispute that you can see next to the fence. The soldier lying on the field is a Russian sniper who killed mine during the first turn of the game!

A general perspective with some Russian infantry coming on my left flank and the T-34 and the artillery spotter on a Bren carrier on the other flank. At the back and behind the hill, one squad pinned (red chit) by my 80mm mortar fire directed by the Panzergrenadier officer from his Hanomag.

One turn later and things looking bad for the Russians as my Stug hunted down his senior officer on the T-34 and the Bren carrier stepped on a mine as well as most of the platoon pinned due to my mortar fire.

A view from my left flank where I had to send another squad to reinforce it, killing the Russian sniper in the process.

Final shot with a general view of the game when the Russian reached their BR and withdraw. They could only destroy one Hanomag and one full Panzergrenadier squad with their 120mm mortar battery.

In our next game my opponent will be using more tanks so I hope it will be more interesting. See you in a week!