Polar Fox Boar boyz for Warmaster.

This is my last unit of Boar boyz for Warmaster and as the title says they are from Polar Fox.

As you can see below, they are wider than they should be and it gets difficult to fit them in Warmaster bases.

Below you can see a comparative shot of three command stands. From left to right, Polar Fox, Savage Orcs from GW and normal Boar boyz from GW as well. The ones from Polar Fox are noticeably bulkier than GW's.

Below similar picture but from the other side, being Polar Fox the third ones from left to right. As you may notice, they are also less crispier and detailed than their GW counterparts.

If I had to choose between GW and PF I'd choose GW without doubt, but I wanted to see those from Polar Fox in the flesh so I ordered one unit instead of trying to get one original on Ebay. Overall, they blend without any problems with GW and add variation. Below you can see a full brigade with twelve stands.


Intercept mission

Well, as I wanted to play with my new guys in power armour, I gave them the mission of assaulting a landed Alien battleship with an estimated crew of 28.
I only have six men in power armour so I gave them one of the best weapons around, heavy assault rifles and assault armours plus veteran status and a gun platform or radio controlled mini tank as support.

As you can see in the picture, I deployed in the same table the outdoors terrain with both ships in it and also the two decks of the battleship (I know it has more than two but I did not have any more tiles to make them).

First turn and troops quickly coming out and spreading in two groups with a few of them on overwatch.

It is not the first time they got fire from the back when deploying. A Snakemen shot down one trooper whereas a Chryssalid attacked the leader. Nice start. Fortunately the auto meds save both lives.

On the left flank one solitaire Muton appeared but it was quickly dispatched.

Closing to the battleship they were attacked by a wave of floaters; one of them was shot down by overwatch fire but the other two killed one trooper.

A team getting ready to break into the ship with soldiers on overwatch in different directions like in the old X-Com game.

The team entered and faced six Greys.

They killed four of them but the surviving two made both successful Psi attacks and controlled two soldiers. The one from the right killed his wounded comrade whereas the one from the left killed the first who shot (orange counters indicate controlled soldiers).

The second team was about to enter but they met another Snake-Chryssalid patrol.

In this shot there can be seen action going on both outside and inside the ship.

Finally the entrance is cleared and the surviving member of the first team, reinforced by another grunt and the tank, are ambushed as they were progressing through the ship. As it was an ambush, the trooper could not use his overwatch fire after aliens fired first. In the following firefight both trooper died but they could kill three Greys.

Then the tank entered in the corridor in the following turn and more Greys joined the surviving one. But the vehicle is immune to Psi attacks so they readied their plasma grenades. One of them drop his grenade and disintegrated one of his comrades! The other three scored three ones meaning their grenades did not explode. Surely they forgot to pull the ring before! Then the tank fired its HMG and turned them into pink mist.

On the left flank the last three members of the insertion team met a wave of floaters. They destroyed them all but lost their wounded comrade.

Those floaters reached the count of thirty downed aliens so the mission ended successfully so I did not have to get deeper into the alien ship or access to the upper deck.
The game was played in ten turns and lasted one and a half hours, including taking pictures and making amendments to the rules.


Warmaster Goblin wolf riders

I had the plastic BOFA wolf riders but as I sold them because I didn't quite like them in plastic and also because they were smaller than the metal ones, I bought one unit from Polar Fox to complete at least one brigade of them.

The one with the lasso is supposed to be the standard of the unit.

Below you can see from left to right, the command stands from Copplestone's, Polar Fox and GW. Copplestone's are the biggest, Polar Fox almost as big as GW's.

The originals from GW are still the best sculpted, detailed, crispy and the cutest of all.

Here you can see a brigade made of four units.


Troll hunt

My son asked me for another game and this time we played the scenario Troll hunt, using the same warbands as before.
I quit its invulnerability trait and gave it Berserk instead, but the troll was still a very tough nut to crack. As much as I tried I never could kill it.

The terrain was open woods 1 and thick thorny bushes 2.

My son was a bit shy in his advance towards the troll as he was scared of it, and that allowed me to get it first. I surrounded to gain maximum majority advantage, and sent forward a few Orcs to delay my son's barbarians.

 The barbarians getting through to the troll.

As in the previous game, the barbarians massacred all the Orcs and in the end the troll as well, granting a victory to my son.

This game was less fun than Breakthrough because we all went for the troll and concentrated in a big melee in the middle of the board. But my son still wants to paint some dwarves and play a full campaign in July. 
I have to try different warbands but first I also need to paint them.


First game of Thud and Blunder

I pre-ordered the rulebook but I haven't been able to play a game until now. My son was bored at home so I proposed him a game with two bands I have already designed from the book,  using the figures I have available, Orcs vs. Barbarians. 

We played scenario 2, breakthrough, in which one warband, the barbarians leaded by my son, had to cross the lines with a secret and important message, while my Orcs had to stop them. I included one magic user in my warband as I wanted to try the magic rules. I picked up the spells, heal, shatter, spectral dart and teleport.

I deployed in a spread line to cover the whole border but the Barbarians chose to run in one big group across the centre of the board.

Soon a huge melee started. The Tough trait of the Barbarians and his chieftain killing machine made the difference and my Orcs fell like flies. Luckily I could kill the messenger and won the game.

My shooters and the magician. They didn't do anything during the whole game.

My son lost the battle but had a lot of fun slaying Orcs. His chieftain killed five of them single handle. When the game ended he said he felt like painting some dwarfs for future games!

15 mm Mercs

I had nothing else to paint in 15mil sci-fi except these guys I bought on Ebay one or two years ago to make a quick force for Gruntz, but as I never got an opponent I forgot about them until now.

They are quite hard plastic 15 mil. miniatures and I payed only €10 including P&P for 50 of them. Later I realised they apparently were a rip off from GZG miniatures.

They are not very good quality plastic minis and a rip-off, so I decided to give them a quick paint treatment without much care. I gave them a coat of diluted water based bitumen of Judea and then a quick drybrush only to armour and weapons, plus a highlight to visors. I neither touched clothes nor boots.

I made two teams of five mercs; each with a leader with pistol, a heavy weapon and three riflemen.

A view of their backs. 


Power armour!

Power armour troops are so cool that I had to own some, so I order these ones from Khurasan. I love their heavy and bulky aspect. Soon they will be exterminating some foul aliens!

I didn't mean to paint them with that scheme. It simply came out like that as I was painting them; and looking at them now I think I'm going to call them the "Crimsom Claws".

The original miniatures come with their weapons attached on their shoulders but they looked to me a bit akward so I glued them to their hands and backpacks instead and I think they look better now.

The commander.