5150 Xeog

Xeog are an alien race in the 5150 universe from Two Hour Wargames that you can meet in Gaea Prime - First Defense:
Xeog lineage can be traced back thousands of years to the ancient Shikar Empire. Most Xeog are part of a devout religious order whose sole purpose is the return of the Shikar Empire. Those are not the ones you're likely to run into. Those have made a science of moving stealthily through the universe. No, the ones that you will mostly encounter are the divas, the one's that enjoy the attention.
With naturally enhanced bio systems and strength, female Xeog strike a stunning pose. Keeping in line with their appearance and mind set, Xeog are too vain to wear any form of armor. Tall and slender these divas are not afraid to use whatever wiles are at their disposal to further their aims.

So searching the web I found these 15 mm miniatures from Ral Partha Europe that fit perfectly into their description, under the name of mercenary Vadorian assassins.



5150 Gaea Prime First Defense 02

After the initial success on the previous Raid I am attacking a landed Hishen force to stop them from enslaving Gaea Prime citizens. This is an attack mission. 
Firs of all I divided the table on nine equal sections, deployed two squads on sections 7 & 8, rolled for terrain generation and lastly for PEFs (Possible Enemy Forces).

Turn 1. Activation. Gaea Prime 3 - Hishen 1. 
I made 1st squad and a section of 2nd to run through the woods towards the buildings in front of them, and I left 2nd squad sergeant Burke with a section on the ridgeline of the hill to watch for the PEF on their right.
Hishen PEFs moved forward to sections 4 and 6 while the one in the middle didn't move, so they formed a nice defensive line.

Turn 2. Gaea Prime 2 - Hishen 5.
Activation score was a 7 and that meant the higher score (Hishen) could get reinforcements. They received a squad on section 3; and a Reaction test against Burke's section was immediately taken.

Burke has Quick Reflexes that helped them in the Reaction test by adding 1d6 extra to the roll, so they won the test and fired first. All the Hishen were massacred by Burke's section. The new shooting rules are deadly!

Hishen PEFs didn't activate as they have REP 4. Burke kept his position while the rest finally reached the buildings and took positions.

Turn 3. Gaea Prime 3 - Hishen 4.
Again a 7 in the activation, and again the Hishen received reinforcements! They appeared in the same place as before but this time it was a reinforced Hishen squad with two Grath in it!

Again a Reaction test was taken and won by Burke's section, so they fired first...

and again they exterminated everybody except one Grath that could luckily survive thanks to its natural Exo-armor, and ducked behind the hill's rigdeline. After that, in the Will to Fight Test that is taken when there are casualties in a group, the Grath Hunkered Down.

But on this occasion, some Hishen could return fire before falling, and killed Sgt. Burke and one grunt, with the surviving one leaving the battle as a result of the Will to Fight Test. Now Gaea Prime's right flank was exposed.

On their activation, only the Hishen PEF in the centre moved towards the closest enemy and then it was resolved as soon as they got into the Gaea Prime soldiers' line of sight. The PEF turned out to be a Hishen squad.

They lost the Reaction Test, so two grunts from the remaining 2nd squad section fired at them while the third grunt, armed with a missile launcher, ducked back. Both grunts failed their shooting against the Hishen in the woods and they returned fire and killed them both.

Being the Hishen in numeric superiority (they couldn't see 1st squad in the same building, just 2nd squad section) they turned from defense to attack and sent one section on their left flank while the other charged into the building. There they were received by the 1st squad's fire and eliminated.

In my turn I positioned the 1st squad section on the left building to be able to fire at the Hishen in the woods. In the following firefight two Hishen were eliminated and one left the battlefield whereas the grunt with the SAW was KIA and the other two hunkered down. The other section on the right building checked there weren't any Hishen alive.
At this point, with the second squad decimated and the first squad pinned down and still with two PEFs to resolve, I though about to leave the battlefield and consider the mission as a failure, so I decided to roll one last time for activation and then leave.

Turn 4. Gaea Prime 5 - Hishen 2.
Another 7 in the activation and I got reinforcements on section 9! I thought I could make it after all. If only one of those PEFs were only just a false alarm.

I fast moved 3rd squad forward to check the PEF in front of them and it turned out to be nothing!

Turn 5. Gaea Prime 4 - Hishen 2.
Hishen didn't activate this turn so I kept my troops moving fast. On the right flank I divided 3rd squad and sent one section with Cpl. Riker to capture the Grath alive, and the section with Sgt. Gorman to help Sgt. Blacksmith with the last PEF.

In the meantime, Sgt. Blacksmith was rallying his men on the left flank.

Turn 6. Gaea Prime 5 - Hishen 4.
Sgt. Gorman checked that Hishen in the woods were really dead. Sgt. Blacksmith took positions facing the last PEF and sent a team to the other building to surround it.
Hishen PEF didn't move.

Cpl. Riker captured the Grath!

Turn 7. Gaea Prime 3 - Hishen 1.
I finished deploying all my forces around the last Hishen PEF. If the PEF didn't activate this turn then I would assault it on the following turn.
But the the PEF finally moved and it was resolved. It was a squad of Hishen.

Gaea troops were waiting for it and massacred them in a hail of vengeful fire!

After the mission
I didn't think I was going to win when my 2nd squad was wiped out, but then the tide turned on in the form of reinforcements and I finally won! Thanks to this victory the morale of Gaea Prime raised to 5 whereas the Hishen's fell to 3. The next mission will be another attack to the Hishen.

But I had suffered many casualties. Gaea Troops wear Soft Body armor and that makes easier to score sixes in the shooting damage table, resulting in many Obviously Dead.
Anyway, one trooper who left the battle came back but the other didn't, and I also had 4 KIA, so I needed to roll for new replacements to see if I could fill the casualties, and I got full replacements for 1st and 2nd squad plus a medic. The only survivor from 2nd squad was the specialist Corben with the missile launcher who is now the sargeant of 2nd squad.
Two grunts from 1st squad raised their Rep to 4.

1st Squad
Sgt. Blacksmith Rep 6, Crack Shot, Born Leader
Cpl. Artois Rep 4
SAW Rep 4
1 Grunt Rep 4 and 1 Rep 3
1 Medic Rep 3

2nd Squad
Sgt. Corben Rep 4 (only standing man from squad)
Cpl. Hill Rep 4 (the grunt who left the battle but returned)
4 Rep 3 grunts (FNG!)

3rd Squad
Sgt. Gorman Rep 5, Coward
Cpl. Riker Rep 4, Resilient
3 Rep 4 grunts
1 Rep 3 grunt.

ASI and researchers from all over Gaea Prime finally researched Alien Alloys, and that allowed me to pick Hard Armor as a new field of research after this mission. I got 3 extra dice to roll in the Reserach & Resources Table; one for retrieving a new alien specie (Grath), another for retrieving a new alien specie alive (Grath again) and one more for cleaning the battlefield from all enemies. Thanks to that I successfully researched HB armor and now I am able to equip my boys with it for their next mission!
Until then.


5150 Gaea Prime - First Defense.

The known universe consists of Nine Rings or Bands of Life. Each Ring contains numerous Planets, from Class 1 to Class 3, as well as inhabited smaller Planetary Colonies and innumerable smaller clusters called Rocks. Gaea Prime considers her proper place to be in the center of the First Ring, the center of the universe. But that is the future. In the beginning there was only Gaea Prime, floating in space in a dream of isolation, waiting to be awaken.
Then the Hishen came.
Highly advanced spaceships surfed across Gaea Prime skies stroking terror across the planet. The alien ships did not respond to any messages from Gaea Prime and soon many people started to disappear. After the initial panic of an alien invasion subsided as it became more clear that, it came the realization that they weren't an alien race at war with the nations of Gaea Prime, but an alien company seeking profits by exploitation - a small Hishen slaver fleet. But the people of Gaea Prime knew there would be more, and each new alien species would join in on the depredation of Gaea Prime, competing among themselves for the spoils, like a pack of scavengers on a corpse until their planet lay in ruins.
Once they realized that rather an invasion they faced a steady onslaught of brutal raiders and opportunists the inhabitants of Gaea Prime realized this was a two-way street. Each new alien attacker they defeated represented a chance to gain invaluable information and precious alien technology that would allow them to reach the stars and fight back on equal terms.

The Gaea Prime central government that emerged from the collapse of individual nation states created special units to seek out and in alien invaders – not to defend, but to grab as much alien technology and information they could. With their military resources stressed with planetary defense and critical crash R&D programs, the Gaea Prime government contracted private companied to help. But soon these corporations begin to competing with the government, forming their own secret units to gain the the cutting-edge alien technology that could help them gain market dominance and power for themselves. Soon it became an ultimate survival race against the aliens, with the Gaea Prime government competing against its own corporations.

Gaea Prime government reacted quickly, severing official cooperation with corporations and creating the ASI, Alien Studies Institute, to analyze and classify every single new alien species and more importantly, build up the Star Army. The best soldiers from Gaea Prime were reformed into elite squads specifically trained to fight the threat of invaders from space.
We take the war to the enemy”.

1st Squad
Sargent Blacksmith, Star Rep 5, Crack Short, Born Leader.
Corporal Jon, Rep 4, Quick Reflexes.
1 Rep 4 Grunt with SAW.
3 Grunts Rep 3.

2nd Squad
Sargent Burke, Rep 5, Quick Reflexes.
Corporal Lance, Rep 4, Quick Reflexes.
1 Rep 4 with Missile Launcher.
2 Rep 4 Grunts and 1 Rep 3.

3rd Squad
Sargent Gorman, Rep 5, Coward.
Corporal Riker, Resilient.
1 Rep 4 with Flame Thrower.
2 Rep 4 Grunts and 1 Rep 3.

The first mission is a Raid. The Star Army has to capture as many aliens and artifacts as possible for the Alien Studies Institute (ASI) by engaging them in combat. Bonus mission for retrieving new different alien species. Extra bonus if they are alive. Also bonus for cleaning the area by chasing off all PEFs, enemies and 3rd Parties on the table

I divided the table in nine equal sections, chose a border to deploy, generated terrain and Possible Enemy Forces (PEFs), in that order. I picked up two squads for this mission and deployed 1st Squad on section 9 and 2nd Squad on section 7. PEFs were randomly generated on sections 1, 2 and 3. 
Turn 1. I rolled for activation and Hishen didn't move. I moved my 1st Squad forward and then had to resolve PEF in section 2. It was nothing but now I would be rolling 3d6 instead of 2d6 to resolve following PEFs.
I moved 2nd squad to the rigdeline of the hill on section 7 they had in front of them.

Turn 2. Hishen activated but only the PEF on section one moved. I resolved it and a section showed up.

2nd Squad won the Reaction Test and fired at will, killing all three Hishen in one go.

Turn 3. Sgt. Burke from 2nd Squad ordered Cpl. Lance to take a section and check those shot down Hishen in the woods. 
A section (center of the map) from 3rd Squad came in to support the boys.

The remaining PEF on section 3 activated but didn't move, so 1st Squad kept moving forward throught the buildings.

Turn 4. The remaining PEF on section 3 finally moved. It was another section; probably the rest of the squad from the one in the woods. 1st Squad won the initiative and fired at them. Two Hishen resulted Obviously Dead (OD), but the third one returned fire and killed (OD) corporal Jon!

Turn 5. Star Army won the Activation and 1st Squad finished the last Hishen.

Turn 6. The section from 2nd Squad finally reached the wood and checked for dead. One of the Hishen wasn't dead and threw a grenade that killed (OD) himself plus one grunt, and incapacitated another one (OOF). Corporal Lance miracously escaped from the blast and dived for cover, resulting pinned (Hunker Down -HD-). That was the end of the mission.

All the alien corpses and their equipment were sent to ASI for further investigation, so Gaea Prime is starting to know about their new foes:
Slightly less than human size, these stocky gray-skinned beings are the bane of freedom. The sole purpose of the Hishen Empire is to expand their domain and subjugate all Races they meet.

The Hishen Empire consists of many millions of Hishen Drones and a very small ruling class. Hishen slave fleets routinely search out new Races to feed the insatiable demands of the Empire. The Hishen will use any means available to capture others including seduction, force, and even purchasing from others of a like kind. Where one encounters Hishen slave raiders, their battle fleets are sure to follow.

A Slaver fleet has discovered Gaea Prime and after a bit of reconnaissance it has started to systematically capture its inhabitants.

After the Mission. I had three casualties but one of them was only OOF so I rolled to see it it recovered, which he did. Then I checked to see if the platoon would receive reinforcements to cover those casualties and it did it.
After that, I checked to see if some of the boys had gained some experience from combat. The mission was a success and some of them raised their Reps. 

My Star, Sgt. Blacksmith from 1st Squad, raised to Rep 6! Also, one Grunt from 2nd Squad raised to Rep 5 and another to Rep 4. 
Corporal Jon from 1st Squad was replaced by next higher Rep in the Squad; the new corporal Artois, Rep 4.

Finally, I went to the Research and Resources Table and chose one field of investigation to help me to improve my troops to fight off the aliens from Gaea Prime. I chose Alien Alloys with the hope of getting better armor for my troops later on. Then I rolled in the R&R table and got "research in progress", meaning after second mission I'd successfully research that field.

As the Raid was a success, next mission will be Attack. 
Until then.


Iliada 15mm sci-fi buildigs

Finally finished these so much needed buildings for my 15 mm sci-fi games.

They are made of sturdy cardstock and you need to unpunch, glue and paint them, but they are easily done and are very affordable. Besides, Ali is a very nice guy and he also does free shipping on international orders above 59 USD.
You can order them here: Iliada Game Studio


Painting from the quarantine 5

More speed painting. I had these loose miniatures from SAGA that I have painted for Oathmark. Thanks to these guys now I can deploy full units of 20 militia, 2x10 archers and 10 cavalry in my human army!



Second solo game of Oathmark. This time I playedthe  scenario "Oathmarks", in which the attacker has to destroy two out of three sacred points of power or oathmarks (I used peebles from the beach my daughter picked up and painted when she was little) from defender in less than eight turns. I played it in a 4 x 5 feet table.

For this game I raised the armies up to 1.000 points and introduced cavalry. The civilised cities (Romans) sent a punitive party to show the raiders a lesson from their previous failed attack. Attackers had 2 units of 20 spears each, 1 unit of 10 archers and 1 unit of 10 cavalry for 1.090 points. Raiders (Chaos) had 2 units of 20 soldiers each, 1 unit of 10 wolves, 1 unit of 5 heavy cavalry and 1 level 3 spellcaster with the general spell Fireball and the human spells Blade Mastery (+1 fighting to a unit) and Mud (rough ground) to delay the attackers, for 1.074 points.

On the left the civilised cities army and on the right the barbarians defending. The scenario forces the defender two deploy two units in the centre, so I deployed 1 unit of soldiers and the spellcaster behind them.

On the first turn only one unit of the attackers and two from the defenders activated! The sorcerer could cast Blade Mastery on the unit in front of him.

Attackers quickly pushed in the middle and charged. They successfully defeated the enemy in combat by inflicting more casualties and leaving them disordered.

The spears on the right advanced a little next to the wood, to cover the flank of the fighting unit in the centre who had already pushed back its enemy six inches backwards; the enemy wolves also positioning themselves for a flank attack. Down on the right the cavalry got higher ground; but enemy heavy cavalry was already facing them to support their soldiers defending the "mouse" oathmark.

The push in the centre continued and...

when the defending soldiers were forced again to fall backwards, they collided with their heavy cavalry allies. Now the rulebook states that for these cases, the collisioned unit must always move backwards as much as it needs to make way for the retreating one. I think in this case it would have been more sensible to step half inch forward to make them room, but I followed the rules and moved them backwards up to the other extreme, putting them in a very bad spot.

The spellcaster casted a fireball and killed one cavarly man, so I moved them behind the hill to avoid more fireballs (I could not charge down the hill as they failed their activation). You can also see behind how the defending heavy cavalry manoeuvering again in the middle to reach the attacking enemy cavalry on the hill at the bottom.

On the next turn, defending side activated first and charged cavalry, thus negating them the +3 bonus in charge for melee; but even so they couldn't hurt much them due to their high defensive value (12).

In the centre of the battlefield the attacking spears unit got the opportunity to destroy the oathmark, but miserably failed its activation. Meanwhile, tired of waiting for the wolves to charge, the other spears unit charged them instead.

The defending unit could not shake off disorder but a Fireball from the magician behind killed two more enemy spears.

Seeing the enemy cavalry already in trouble and engaged with the soldiers, the heavy cavarly turned towards the enemy in the centre who was about to destroy the oathmark, but then the attacking cavalry shaked off the enemy infantry and charged them from behind!

In the melee there were one heavy cavarly and two cavalry casualties in total. Then the defending soldiers moved behind the eneny cavalry and got them trapped.

Attacking cavalry turned to face their enemy at their backs, and then the archers fired at the enemy heavy cavalry but all the arrows bounced back. After that, the heavy cavarly flank charged the enemy spears in the centre who used Shielding and Brace to minimise the impact.

Right on turn eight the spears on the left managed to reach the pink oathmark and destroy it, atfer massacring the wolves, but this did not stop the attackers to loose the match as they neeeded to destroy two oathmarks to win in eight turns. They could have won if they would have destroyed the oathmark in the centre of the battlefield when they got the opportunity, but failed that activation.

After every turn and every activation, the game offers you a lot of decision making and it is bloody fun! I am still learning to use the cavarly properly but I would say they rule the battlefield; their +3 to charge as well as their armour (12 or 13) make them a fearsome opponent.
Also, I didn't have time to cast all the spells the wirzard had as he failed activation and spellcasting on a couple of times, so I don't know up to what point it would be useful to deploy a level 5 spellcaster as they are not precisely cheap.
I can't hardly wait to have another go with bigger armies (I'm frantically painting) and a different scenario (there are six to try).