Chaos Sorcerer on horse

I needed a fast moving spell casting platform for TOW so I painted this guy. It is a 3d print from an old GW's Chaos Sorcerer and I hope he will bring me joy on the battlefield.



African huts

I made three huts for my 1/72 skirmshes in Africa. I used three small can of Pringles, a brown paper folder that I "borrowed" from my job, some palm tree branches from the garden where I work and some toilet paper to give texture to the walls of the huts.

I made the roofs and doors with the folder and start glueing little branches from the palm tree.

Then I realised I should have painted the roofs first :(

This is how they turned out. I could have painted some white symbols on the walls and maybe add green, red or blue on the doors as well, but I went for the easiest and fastest way and I think they are OK. After all they are just huts.



DBA II/11 Gallic Warbands from Essex

This is the first half of the II/11 Gallic army for either DBA 2.2 or 3.0. Shields look better from distance and I had a good time paintinng them. Next will be chariots, cavalry, psiloi and a warband general.

Figures and bases from Essex. I really like Essex figures but their bases are awful as they are made of a poor plastic quality conglomerate that crumbles on the corners and makes the borders rather coarse. I filled their holes with a thick cover of white glue, but they still are crumpy and do not slide smoothly when you try to move one unit touching others. I do not recommend them to anyone.


Dragon Ogre

Well, the quality of this figure is not as good as the previous Marauders on horse, and this is reflected somehow on the painting result. However, the figure is painted and today had its blood bath and it did it quite good, successfully facing a unit of three Kroxigors.

The miniature is quite big and now I think I should have taken a picture of it next to an infantryman to show it.



More Marauders

There are only six available models so I had to mirror some of them and swap weapons and add GW's shields as well.


The Old World Chaos Norse Marauders

I have just painted these 3D Marauders for TOW and there are five more to go. I love them and I am very happy with how they turned out.


"War room"

I know it is not a big room, especially for American players, but I have been playing on very small tables or on my bed all my life and finally, I have one bedroom available to have a standard 180x120 cm. table and I am very happy with it, as friends are coming to my house for a game instead of me going to noisy clubs and shops.