Testing Chainmail Bikini

I was in the original Chainmail Bikini testing group in Yahoo many years ago and when Howard Whitehouse asked for volunteers for testing it before its release I couldn't resist it and hastily joined in. 

So what is Chainmail Bikini? Well, nobody better than the author could explain it: "Bikini Chainmail is a game of mighty-thew’d heroes, light-fingered thieves, stiletto-wielding princesses, and outcast nobles whose inheritance has been stolen by wicked kings, or uncles, or someone villainous. Chainmail Bikini is a very light-hearted view of the Sword and Sorcery genre, more likely to involve punching a camel than brooding on the fates of great empires, more like Fritz Leiber’s books or the movie version of Conan than Howard’s original. It’s heroic fantasy treated with affection and not too seriously―perhaps something of a spoof, but with an appreciation rather than condemnation for a world in which muscles are huge and underwear is shiny. It’s designed to be played as an ongoing story, but in episodes, like a short story in Weird Tales from 1936. It can be played solo, or with a whole group of like minded gamers. It can be run as a two sided miniatures game, or as a Game Master versus players role playing event.

The rules themselves are fairly simple, although not always conventional. There is a card sequence, and lots of dice for unpredictability. Hand to Hand combat has a distinct ‘rock, paper, scissors’ aspect to it. We are playing for fun rather than competition, as seems appropriate to the genre."

So I set a quick and short skirmish to test the game, and I went directly to the section of generating characters to create my hero and some villains to fight.

Characters have six attributes plus some boons and banes and equipment. They also have fame and fortune which help them to acquire followers and better equipment.

I decided to recreate Red Sonja, and for that I gave her higher Feats and the skills Swordman (woman in this case) and Tasty (monsters always attack her first, understandably). I equipped her as the miniature I have, with scimitar, buckler and bikini chainmail! A splendid model from Reaper, sculpted by Dennis Mize,


Fame/ Fortune









Red Sonja








AR 3 Buckler


Boons & Banes

Swordman, Tasty (chosen)

Her enemies would be a captain of the city guard, a Companion that works similarly to a second category hero, plus three followers with only one Attribute, combat value 3, and armor rating 2.

Captain's profile:


Fame/ Fortune

















AR 3, Helmet,


Boons & Banes

Mad Man, Mean Drunk (randomly rolled)

The encounter starts with Sonja coming out from the tavern and running into a city guard patrol led by a rather drunkard captain. The captain gazed her lecherously and then ordered to arrest her for... interrogation. The guards immediately sprung on her.

Chainmail Bikini comes with its own set of cards, but it can be played with any standard deck of cards. I'm using an old set of home made cards for melee, and poker deck for activation and turns. The first card allowed to activate the whole city patrol, and I decided to charge with only two guards to see how combat developed.

Green cards are for the guards and red cards for Sonja. The guards drew the card Cut at random whereas Sonja chose Counter Blow. The guards had one die for the extra man supporting and two dice for Cut versus Counter Blow. They rolled and failed them all as they had to score three or lower. 
Sonja had two dice for being hero, one die for being swordwoman, one die for using a buckler, one die for Counter Blow vs Cut attack and one last more die for having Feats 6. She scored two sixes but to no consequence as she got more successes.
The guards were attacking and couldn't stop any of Sonja's counterblows and they died. She cut both down with one might swing of her scimitar!

Next activation card was for the guards again and the captain charged Sonja supported by the remaining guard.

The captain drew Taunt (old Jest) and scored one uncanceled 1, thus making a very potent insult. That, combined with the three 6 (failures) Sonja scored, made her so infuriated that she immediately attacked the captain with the ‘Huh’ card, out of sequence and totally mad. She received two shame points to her reputation

Aristides drew Leap Aside so there wasn't any combat for the frustrated Sonja to wash her honor.

Next activation card was a red face, so Sonja could finally act first and she attacked the captain with murderous intentions.

Sonja attempted a swing with her scimitar whereas Aristides drew at random Counter Blow! He scored two successes and a 1, but Sonja got five successes and two 1s, canceling Aristides 1 and inflicting two extra hits on him. Aristides chainmail deflected one hit but he still received six more hits, and he only had four wounds, so he had a gory death. He was horribly hacked, mutilated and slaughtered even before he hit the dirt! Sonja washed part of her shame with that. She also received two wounds in exchange.

The remaining guard had to test his Nerves after witnessing the gory death of his captain, but he failed and panicked, running away.
The townsfolk never activated and could only witness and enjoy a fabulous sword fighting as well as the killing of some authorities which was something always welcomed in those times.

The game went smooth and it was very exciting. I wanted to start a campaign right away and immediately wondered about having some swordfighting with John Carter of Mars defending his princess from Green Men and White Apes or replaying Red Nails with Conan and Sonja!


Tzeench Chaos Champion

This one came with his left hand missing. The original miniature was holding two twin swords but, as I couldn't find anything similar in my bit box, I finally went for an oversized hand that I've seen on other Tzeench miniatures. 

So I took a hand from one of my old Space Hulk plastic Genestealers, and I think it fits in so well that it looks like it belongs to it.

So it is not an original miniature but it sure is a one-of-a-kind. What do you think?

The miniature as it came.

The miniature finished.


Khorne Chaos Champion

I bought this fellow from the eighties for two pounds. It is a Champion of Chaos with the classic dog head of Khorne. I was going to strip out the paint but then I realized it was well primed and already base coated in red, so I ended painting from there onwards.

The miniature as I received it.

The miniature as it is now.

From different angles (nice smile, huh?)

I was younger again for a few hours painting this miniature from the eighties.


Chaos Warriors

Two friends have resumed painting their 4th edition Warhammer armies (High Elves and Undead) so I have painted these Chaos Warriors for my Chaos army to get some extra points deployed on the table.

The reason why I haven't painted them before is because I never liked these miniatures. Actually, I bought the army box, painted and then sold them years ago. All except these ones that I didn't paint until now.

So I did some speed painting on them to have them ready for battle. I sprayed them in light metal, then I painted base colours, red for shields and cloaks, dark grey for boots and furs, bone for horns and skulls and gold. Then I washed them with acrylic Betumen of Judea and once dry, gave them some quick lights with the same base colours plus a dot of white.

They are now ready either for The Old World or for my friends finishing their armies; whatever comes first.


Naughty Neighbours

So in the end I decided that Falbalá was carrying one scroll of resurrection and that Sven decided to spend it on his friend Juggo. The first thing Juggo asked was if he had killed that Troll. He got mad when they told him; and then very depressed when he knew his friend Grom didn't make it, and that he couldn't assist at his burial.

It's been a whole week since Juggo being totally drunk and barely recovering from his wounds, that a Dwarf knocked at the door of Falbala's farm where they all were resting. His name was Oggi, but his friends call him Nugget. He asked for help as some nasty creatures were coming out from a whole he did in his mine.

Oggi the Nugget at his mine.

As Juggo was still recovering, Sven decided to take Finbull and Falbalá with him and "Nugget" to his mine while the old Snorri (Healer) took care of Juggo.

For this encounter I am using the Warrior Heroes Legends rules for Dungeoning.

As soon as they entered they met a couple of Ghouls. At the back of the picture you can see the laid out of the dungeon with poker cards.

Ghouls charged but one bolt from Finbull's crossbow made one to Duck Back behind a rubble. The other one was easily dispatched by Sven.

After that, Oggi and Sven charged and killed the other Ghoul. Oggi told them these weren't the creatures he had told them about.

The group kept moving and going down the mine until they met with a nest of spiders that seemed to come out from the chasm.

The adventurers reacted first and Falbalá stunned two spiders with a Dazzle Spell while Finbull put another one Out of the Fight. Sven and Oggi waited for the rest of the spiders to charge them and then kill them all easily.

The group kept moving forward and found several treasures until they reached the end of the dungeon, but they couldn't find the creatures Oggi had told them about.
On their way back out of the dungeon they stumbled with those naughty neighbours (the big bad). An Undead Caster (Liche) plus six animated minions.

The undead reacted first and the Liche stunned the three Dwarfs with a spell, and then the skellies charged en masse!

A stunned character gets automatically Out of the Fight when he is contacted by an enemy, but as Dwarves have the racial attribute of "Resilient" that let them ignore the first OOF result, they quickly recovered and Ducked Back through the corridor and closed the door.

On the next turn the skeletons charged, but due to the narrow corridor they couldn't take advantage of their numeric superiority and so they were quickly put down by the stubborn Dwarves. Also Falbalá casted a spell of protection on them.

When the Dwarves finally could act, they opened the door and finished the rest of the skeletons, and then Finbull shot a bolt at the Liche who took cover behind one of the sepulchres.

In the next turn the Liche didn't move and then Sven and Oggi charged it and destroyed it.

And that was the end of the Encounter. I didn't have time to loot the Liche and other creatures, nor to check all the magic items I found in the treasure room, nor check if they gained experience and skills, but everything is noted down on a paper and I'll check it later.


Trial of Trolls

After finishing the Orc Shaman, Juggo says to Sven he won't follow him until he hunts and slays a Troll so he can be known as Juggo the Troll slayer. Seeing all his expedition is in danger Sven accepts and they head to Troll country.

As soon as they arrive to the Troll's territory, they spot a cottage surrounded by crops and about to be attacked by some Trolls coming down from the hills.

In this campaign I have been using different rulesets and also tinkering with one of my own, but for this encounter I'm using Warrior Heroes - Legends from Two Hour Wargames as I'm updating the rules for a new release.

So our heroes arrive at the scene in the middle of the board, with Bubba scouting ahead of the columns. They instantly see three Trolls, one at the farm and two more coming close from the forest on the hills.

- Quick, get in the house! Falbalá with her magic and Dad with his axe will take care of the monsters.


Dwarves activate first. Juggo charges madly at the closer Troll and is followed by Grom and Sven in support. Bubba and Snorri (and another Dwarf with a hammer who shouldn't be here, doh!) run towards the farm through the wooden bridge. Falbalá casts a Damage spell on the creature but it Duck Backs behind the bushes.

Now it is Troll's activation and they charge the Dwarves.

Grom doesn't realize the Troll is bigger than him.

And then it is too late.

There are doubles in the activation and a Ranger shows up to help the good guys. Sven charges the Troll who killed Grom whereas Juggo faces its leader, a Rep 6, AC 4, Resilient Troll with a two handed weapon.

Near the farm Finbull finally puts down the third Troll with an accurate bolt of his crossbow from the other side of the river.

Sven manages to put out of fight a second Troll by making an extraordinaire effort (he is a Star), but the leader of the Trolls was too much for Juggo.

Sven and the Ranger join to finish it.

But once again it wins and the Ranger is down. Now is all on Sven.

After three consecutive rounds of melee Sven makes the Troll to run away. It couldn't be killed but it won't be back in a long time.

Falbalá is a the daughter of the farmer and she was visiting her parents during a break from her studies at a school of Wizards in a nearby city. She is a Caster, and she tried to damage the Troll who was attacking her parent's farm, but she failed and needed Finbull's bolts to kill the beast.

Well, melee in WHL resulted to be really deadly, especially against that Troll with Rep 6. Now I need to think what to do with Juggo and Grom as they are Obviously Dead.


Three Trolls

I bought and painted two of the Trolls about twenty years ago and I always thought that I needed the third one to finish the unit. So last year I bought the one in the middle and now I have painted it.

I tried to paint it like the other two but I didn't remember what paints I used back in the day. So I used similar colours and same technique (heavy dry brush) plus gloss varnish on top to simulate dampness.

The Troll came with a thick coat of paint and when I removed it I saw that it has got some sort of rusty and grainy cover which had eaten some details. So in the end it hasn't been a good paint job, but I'm happy as I finally have the unit completed after so many years!