Last post from 2016!

I have been a bit quiet in the last months due to job issues mainly, but I could not pass the chance to publish one more entry before the year ends, and wish to all the wargamers and bloggers of this hobby a Happy New Year! May the lead mountain goes down a bit next year!

These minis are from the old range Laserburn, they are rebels of the Red Redemption, and I decided to paint them as some sort of 30K Star Wars. What you can see it is an ancient incarnation of Darth Vader and Darth Maul!

In my view, they could be two Jedi students who did not pass the tests in the Jedi Academy and now compensate their lack of full Jedi skills with armour and pistols. But they have light swords and some Jedi skills, and now work as very dangerous hired mercenaries.

 Guess who's Darth Vader? ;-)

A darker view. I'm afraid that both painting in black and OSL in 15 mm was too much for my skills, but they'll do the trick.

And these are some Laserburn minis as well that I'll be using for a scenario I have in mind... 

Happy New Year!!!


Storm troopers!

I have finished painting these 15mm storm troopers from Highlander Studios that I had lying around.

A comparison next to one GZG trooper painted as a Rebel...



Well, it's not exactly a Thulg but a Garn from Khurasan. When I was ordering to Khurasan I saw it and I instantly thought of a Thulg. If you are old enough you will know that Thulgz were some sort of fearsome reptilian bounty hunters from the Laserburn rules universe.

I mixed green with metallic medium and got a nice shiny scaly skin for the lizard, but the varnish kill it mostly.

As you can see, it is a big bastard. Almost like a 25 mm miniature.
I will probably end ordering an authentic Thulg to Alternative Armies. Actually, as I am writing this, I am picking my old Laserburn ruleset and starting to read it. I'm seriously thinking about having a Laserburn game after twenty years!


More Khurasan goodies!

Here it is the blister of a space crew plus a pulpy robot (the red one). I could not resist to buy. It can be a boxing robot or it can work as a bouncer.

The  miniatures are very well sculpted, mold lines free, with a great variety of poses and nice price too! They are a must for any 15 mm sci-fi gamer.


15 mm Sci-fi table.

So after painting a few minis I needed some terrain to play and I did this:

I took a wood DBA board (60x60 cm) a friend gave me, and glued onto it free donwnloadable printed paper sci-fi tiles and then covered everything with adhesive plastic film used for school books (I don't know its name, not even in my mother tongue, LOL).

Then I went to a wood shop and the carpenter there cut me those walls for 6 €. I have half of them painted as concrete, and I am going to paint the other half as steel walls.

Notice that I ordered to make the walls of the same wide as the squares in the tiles, so that the squares can be used for movement and measuring for games like HOF Fire Team.
I will use old Space Hulk doors for those corridors...

Fast, cheap and portable. Later on maybe I will make better terrain, but for now it will work as it is, and I can concentrate on painting more miniatures!


Khurasan arrived!

My order to Khurasan miniatures has just arrived on time as I already run out of 15mm miniatures to paint. I started with these four characters because they can be used together with my GZG painted miniatures either as special agents to fight along or as evil characters to fight against. 
Seeing now the picture I recalled the film Matrix; I should have painted one Afro-American.

These miniatures show great and sharp detail and are full character. They are top quality and nice price.

I also finished these GZG my friend gave me. These ones will fight as some sort of future SWAT forces.

Now I have many more miniatures to paint but also enough of them already painted to start a skirmish, so now I am going to make some quick terrain.