Buggy buggy

I have painted two buggies. Daylight was poor but I could not wait to take pictures and share them. They look much better in the flesh, I swear.

Miyazaki Zero

Desert Duster



This is my third car and very similar to the previous one.

I used Crimson Fists decals on the car and White Scars on the yellow one as I'm recycling my old Space Marine decals but I think they look good on them. Somebody told me to call this car Hydra!

Not much conversion on this one, just mesh on the wheels and an oil can at the back.

I will probably add a driver and a passenger later on.

I think these two are going to be from the same team or sponsor.


Gaslands second car

Well, this time I was more moderated in the use of pigments and I think the car turned out subtler and much better than the first ones. I still have to improve but I'm happy with the yellow on this car.


Gaslands first cars.

Well, here is another one who falls into Gaslands. 
I have to say there was a long time since I had so much fun with it. You had to see the Toys R' Us shop assistant's face when she saw a 52 yo man on his knees on the floor checking every single car in the store. Oh, how much I enjoyed going to a toy shop to hunt down and buy some goodies!

That was the first part of fun. The second one was scavenging from my bits box and tuning the cars. It was very creative and stimulating. Then it came painting, though here things were a bit sour because I totally spoilt the cars when experimenting with pigments.

Anyway, I am happy with my first cars, and tomorrow I will play my first game with them!

By the way, I gave them names: Colt, Croc and Kaiser; and I think it is pretty obvious which is which. Don't you think? Could you guess them? ;-)


Mutons and more

Continuing with my X-Com project in 15 mm I have chosen these Khurasan's Daemons as proxies for Mutons. They are half-way the first and the second X-Com I think.

You can see how big they are next to a soldier. Though labelled as 15mm they are 22 mm tall.

Muton, X-Com soldier, Grey.

These other Khurasan's daemons or Aliens will be proxies for Chrysalids.

A closer view of them and their already zombified victims.

X-Com troopers next to a Heavy Weapon Platform (unmanned tank).

Next step is painting Astagars to use them as Snakemen.