Dark Alliance Orcs set 1. Happy Orctober!

To celebrate Orctober I put aside the painting of Vikings and hastily painted a model of all the different poses in the box. They are much more crude than Zvezda Vikings and have some flash too, but they are Orc rabble after all and will do as they are.

They look better in the flesh but anyway, I'm not happy with so much metal on them and I think I'm going to paint next ones on black armour and will try other skin tones too. 

Although they look like they need to have their eyes painted, they really don't from tabletop distance.

All models from Dark Alliance have the bad custom of having their shields facing opposite to their enemies.

So happy Orctober!


WAB again

Well, this is my second battle of WAB, this time played with 1.500 points. 

My Romano-British at the bottom with all units deployed except for two cavalry units reserved for flanking. I thought of defending from the hill with the Sagittari on top of it but the Saxons deployed most of their army on the opposite side.

I decided to lure as much of the Saxon units as possible with my skirmishers, hoping my opponent would roll many ones on his warband activations while I wait for my cavalry on the opposite flank.

My cavalry arrived on the third turn and I hoped I could charge the back of the Saxon army while they were fighting my infantry units, but soon their archers in the woods started to fire at them.

And my infantry was still too far to engage them.

My archers finally walked down from the hill and started to move toward the enemy.

Saxons stopped moving and fire with all javelins and bows and I lost my first soldiers.

 But my skirmishers on the left flank made flee one of his Doguth units.

My other unit of Rustici and the Sagtitari rushing from the hill toward the left flank.

The Saxon cavalry was threatening mine and as I couldn't charge the enemy infantry, I moved it up the hill. The clash between the two armies was imminent.

Saxons finally charged my allied Duguth unit and one unit of Milites on Shieldwall. On the left my Rustici annihilated one unit of Saxon Duguth with their javelins, helped with some arrows from the Sagittari.

But two Saxon units of Gedrith with WS4 and Strength 4 plus light armour were too much for my poor Milites, and they steadly trashed my units turn after turn. Meanwhile, a fresh unit of Milites was trapped in the forest, unable to help his comrades.

It seemed that the battle was lost but suddenly my mounted Commanipulares charged down the hill and killed six Saxon riders in one go, and in their pursue they caught them and then charged on the flank of another unit of Duguth!

At that moment we had to stop the game and decided to call it a draw. I'm loving WAB and wondering why I didn't play it before.


More 1/72 Zvezda Vikings

This is the second sprue I paint from the three that come in the box, plus the two command figures. This time I decided to paint only the ones with cloaks as Rohirrim and the rest as standard Vikings.

I tried some black lining on the general and the standard but I'm not convinced with the result.

I tried striped trousers on these two and I like how they turned out. I'll be doing more like these two.

A shot with the new painted ones. Just one more sprue to go!