Home made construct for Frostgrave

I did not have any construct miniature and as I did not fancy them enough to order one, I toyed with the idea of making one for Frostgrave, so I grabbed a wine cork, universal glue and kitchen scissors and hastily make one.

Then spray primed it.

And here you have the result. A bit dark and reddish maybe, but I like how it turned out in the end.

This other figure is also for Frostgrave. It is a thief from Bronze Age Miniatures that I will be using as erm, a thief. Although he could go better as a treasure hunter as well, given his sword and leather armor.

The couple together so you can see the scale of the construct.


Another Frostgrave band.

I am still waiting for my rulebook but as many already I could not resist to build up a band for Frostgrave. Right now I am just using already painted models I have around; but once I play a few games I am going to paint some more figures specifically for Frostgrave, like a thief, an archer and some monsters like skeletons and demons.

From left to right, there are a still unpainted thief from Bronze Age Miniatures, three thugs, three soldiers or barbarians from Granadier, the wizard, his apprentice (a heroclix painted years ago), a Viking archer from Foundry, a "dog" and a knight.

I painted these two years ago for a Mordheim campaign of Burning Town which I never got to play, but now they will be perfect for Frostgrave.


Homemade 10 mm sand bags and bard wire.

Making a break from painting 28 mm fantasy miniatures I made this defensive stuff for my 10 mm WWII armies. 
For the sandbags I used rice and for the wire a metal thread used for making collars and bracelets.