Perry's DAK in feldgrau

I needed a platoon to play Too Fat Lardies' Chain of Command ruleset at my local hobby shop, and the Perry's DAK infantry box for 20 pounds with 38 figures in it, had quality and nice price, so I went for it. Only minor problem, I did not want them for the desert but for Europe, mostly France; so I committed the heresy of painting their uniforms in German field grey colour after removing everything DAK related from them with a cutter. 
Moreover, as I wanted them ready for action, I committed the second heresy of dipping them.

The box contains enough miniatures to build a full CoC platoon plus some extras for support. I made three full sections and one FO (the radio guy), one medical orderly (his suitcase is the AT ammo box) and one panzerschreck team I made using a spare panzerschreck I had from Valiant Miniatures. I also used Valiant panzerfausts to equip the junior leaders.

I "planted" some flowers on the junior and senior leaders' bases so I could distinguish them more easily.
The plastic bases that come in the box are so tiny that they could be used as tokens and nothing else. Instead I used metal washers for my figures.

The box contains enough miniatures for six LMG teams; just the right number for a CoC panzer grenadier platoon.

I highlighted the panzerschreck soldier after the dipping.


Foundry Orcs

These are pre cast Foundry War Orcs I bought cheap on Ebay long ago, and they are also sculpted by Kevin Adams. I am planning to make a Mordheim band with them.

As you can see in the close ups, I have problems with transitions, especially with the clothes, but last Saturday I was lucky to attend at a local hobby shop, a Claudia Zuminich masterclass with her technique of wet blending, and I am going to try it with the next Orcs I will paint.

Every single Orc model has a unique face full of personality.

I particularly like this brute with the mace...

Here they are next to some Goblins, and you can see how big and bulky they are compared to their lesser cousins.