1/72 Zveda Vikings as Rohirrim

I decided to paint one sprue from the Zvezda Viking box as Rohirrim to match them with the Steppe Cavalry from Dark Alliance miniatures as they don't sell infantry from Rohan.

I think they turned out okay but I won't be painting the rest of the box as them because I also want to use these miniatures as actual Vikings and I like Vikings with not so dull colours.

These are all the miniatures contained in one sprue. The box includes three sprues like this one plus a little one with two commanding figures, a general and a standard.

An unforgiving close up showing some hand painted shields from Rohan.

This figure with the cloak is the most similar one to those from the movie.


COVID and painting

I've been quiet lately because I got COVID and then passed it to my children and so we have passed the last two weeks with a strong flu, but luckily nothing worse happened and I'm grateful for that because I'm immunodeficient.

Now that I'm regaining strength I started painting again and here are my latest work, four Romans that I needed to paint to complete a unit of 20 for WAB. I also wanted them to be used as one point of guards for SAGA, and I swapped their heads for Goth cavalry ones to try to simulate Wolftail warriors.

Goth cavalry LBM decals

Here is a picture of my little Late Roman/ Romano British army. Not finished yet as I have an unpainted box of Goth cavalry and a ballista to paint.