These zombies are from the Caesar's Undead Camp Zombies box, one of each pose except one crawling. The woman with the sword carried two swords but I thought it needed too much co-ordination for a zombie so I cut out one of them. Actually, I cut off the other hand's sword with another model and then I got two different zombies.

They are painted with basic paint coat and wash, and they are going to be the last 1/72 minis I paint for a while as I'm getting again into 28mm. I'm ordering several boxes from Perry's to play Death in the Dark Continent and Bolt Action.

The figures are a bit crude and rather soft and bendy but they will do for zombies.


UN troops

I've painted some UN troops to game in Africa with the same box of figures I used for my mercs, the Esci NATO troops.

They are painted like previous ones with just block paint and wash, but I think this time they are a little less dirty and with some extra lights that I did by wiping excess of wash with a clean wet brush. I think their uniforms are good, and although the blue on helmets and berets should be lighter, I'm happy how they turned out in the end.