Storm troopers!

I have finished painting these 15mm storm troopers from Highlander Studios that I had lying around.

A comparison next to one GZG trooper painted as a Rebel...



Well, it's not exactly a Thulg but a Garn from Khurasan. When I was ordering to Khurasan I saw it and I instantly thought of a Thulg. If you are old enough you will know that Thulgz were some sort of fearsome reptilian bounty hunters from the Laserburn rules universe.

I mixed green with metallic medium and got a nice shiny scaly skin for the lizard, but the varnish kill it mostly.

As you can see, it is a big bastard. Almost like a 25 mm miniature.
I will probably end ordering an authentic Thulg to Alternative Armies. Actually, as I am writing this, I am picking my old Laserburn ruleset and starting to read it. I'm seriously thinking about having a Laserburn game after twenty years!


More Khurasan goodies!

Here it is the blister of a space crew plus a pulpy robot (the red one). I could not resist to buy. It can be a boxing robot or it can work as a bouncer.

The  miniatures are very well sculpted, mold lines free, with a great variety of poses and nice price too! They are a must for any 15 mm sci-fi gamer.