Last Troll.

There are four Trolls in the Dark Alliance box and I painted all except this one, which happens to be the most similar to the one we can see in the film the Lord of The Rings when the Fellowship is in Moria. That is the reason I finally painted it as I grew tired of painting these Trolls, but I need this last one for my LOTR campaign.; so there it is.


And here you have the four Trolls included in the box, painted, based and ready to roll.


  1. Wow! Very nice trolls! How tall are these fellows?

  2. Hello Chris, nice to see you around :) The beast is rather tall, almost 50mm. There are pics of them next to 1/72 Zvezda Vikings for you to compare in one of my previous posts, in the 1/72 gallery.

  3. Glad you managed to finish them all. They've come out great!

    1. Yes, they are done at last. Thank you Alan. I know their size is right according to the film but I wish they were more like Angus McBride painted them.