5150 Gaea Prime - First Defence. Final Showdown.

Well, I'm here in the final chapter of this campaign, assaulting the Hishen Command Ship. My objective is to take the bridge, as from there I will be able to kill the rest of the crew. Once it's done, this mission as well as the campaign are over.

The spaceship has six areas and the player must roll 1d6 to see in which one he breaks into the ship. I scored a 2, the crew area. I could have picked two squads and in that case I would have to roll twice, but I chose just one, the 1st squad with my Star leading it.


Turn 1. Gaea Prime 4 - Hishen 1.

I activated first. Go, go, go!

As soon as  my squad entered into the ship they met some crew.

The Hishen reacted first, killing the corporal Rep 5 and a grunt Rep 4 with their puny Parak pistols! My Star and two Rep 3 grunts were saved by their armor but ducked back, and only one soldier from the squad could return fire and put down one Hishen. 

And now it was Hishen activation, but fortunately they didn't pass the Will to Fight Test taken for having one casualty and surrendered to my shocked troops who barely held the place. That was close!

After clearing the area they found some Gaea Prime citizens that were being held as prisoners, so I had to dispatch one of my men to escort then to safety. Now I only had one section to clear the ship and I was lamenting not taking two squads for this mission.

Turn 2. GP 2 - Hishen 1.
Luckily, the specialist with the Plasma Gun had survived as he was essential to kill those tough Grath in the control room, so I deployed him in cover behind some barrels while Sergeant Blacksmith opened the door.

The Hishen were barricaded and waiting for me but I didn't give them time to react and opened fire first. The guy with the plasma killed one Grath and my Star the other one. Then the grunt Rep 3 fired at the Razor and missed so he charged the grunt who shot again and killed it before he made contact.

The remaining Hishen didn't chicken out and fired in their activation but missed their shots and they paid with their lives for that. It only survived one who quickly surrendered and that was all.

After the mission.

The ship had been taken, the mission accomplished and the campaign won and just in two turns. I was lucky as my squad could have started in the thrusters area at the back of the ship, and lost more men fighting Hishen and escorting enslaved citizens. Next time I'll take two squads.

So this is it. I finished the full campaign in twelve missions, right before the third wave of invading Hishen started, and that is fortunate as Hishen become tougher and tougher after each wave.

If you buy this ruleset I'll be very interested to know how many missions you needed to finish it. Technically, the campaign could be finished in 7-8 successful missions and research, but I doubt you can even finish it under 12 missions as I did because I cheated a little bit as I was testing all the missions, and also because those missions are now slightly tougher than before. So it would be fun to watch how many missions you will need to play to win the game.

I do hope you all like and enjoy this game that is released today. 

See you around :)


5150 Gaea Prime - First Defence, crushing the Hishen

After winning the last mission the next one is attack once again. The newly researched and produced Battle Tactical Armors (BTA) have arrived to the base but only enough to equip one squad. As 1st squad was below numbers I chose 3rd squad with Sgt. Gorman Rep 6 (section 7) leading them as my Star wasn't going to be present (he's attached to 1st squad). All BTA are equipped with Grath Assault Rifle (GAR) and the specialist in the section leaded by the corporal (section 8) carries a Plasma Gun.

As usual I divided the table into nine sections and then rolled for generating terrain and deploying the three starting PEFs (Possible Enemy Forces). And finally started the game rolling for activation.

Turn 1. Gaea Prime 2 - Hishen 1.I

I moved both sections forward. Then the Hishen activated. One PEF didn't move, another was a false alarm, and the third one turned into a spaceship crew armed with Parak Pistols. Hishen won the Reaction Test and shot first, killing the specialist and forcing the corporal to take cover (Duck Back).

Turn 2. GP 2 - Hishen 2.

I scored doubles and then checked for Third Parties. A Kabasu appeared! No one was in sight so there weren't any reactions or shooting.

Turn 3. GP 2 - Hishen 6 - Kabasu 4.

The Hishen spaceship crew shot at the Kabasu and he first returned fire and killed one...

and then, after receiving more firing from the building, the Kabasu blinked and warped to a different place.

Now Star Army activated and the section leaded by Gorman advanced through the woods and opened fire on the Hishen in the building. The Hishen panicked and all Hunkered Down except one who left the battlefield.

One grunt from the sergeant section shot down the Kabasu!

On the hill on section 5 Corporal rallied a suppressed grunt from his section.

Turn 4. GP 3 - Hishen 6.

Gorman's section stormed the building thinking there would be some Hishen hiding there but it was just a case of nerves.

And the corporal and the rallied grunt assaulted the other building and captured the surviving Hishen.

 After the mission.

Well, the Hishen with their Morale Campaign 1 didn't have many opportunities to bring squads to the fight and only could have a puny spaceship crew. Besides, they scored high on activation and couldn't activate much. So it was a walk in park for the the Star Army in their new BTA.

As usual, I rolled for replacements and 1st squad was again up to paper strength. 3rd squad also received a replacement for the KIA. I forgot to roll for Rep advancements but I'll do it before the next mission.

Bringing a new alien specie to ASI (the Kabasu) granted me an extra die roll in the R&R table so I easily researched the field "Hishen Command Ship" that would allow me to board the Hishen command ship in space and thus successfully end the campaign!

See you soon.