DBA II/11 Gallic Warbands from Essex

This is the first half of the II/11 Gallic army for either DBA 2.2 or 3.0. Shields look better from distance and I had a good time paintinng them. Next will be chariots, cavalry, psiloi and a warband general.

Figures and bases from Essex. I really like Essex figures but their bases are awful as they are made of a poor plastic quality conglomerate that crumbles on the corners and makes the borders rather coarse. I filled their holes with a thick cover of white glue, but they still are crumpy and do not slide smoothly when you try to move one unit touching others. I do not recommend them to anyone.


Dragon Ogre

Well, the quality of this figure is not as good as the previous Marauders on horse, and this is reflected somehow on the painting result. However, the figure is painted and today had its blood bath and it did it quite good, successfully facing a unit of three Kroxigors.

The miniature is quite big and now I think I should have taken a picture of it next to an infantryman to show it.