Two more for the wastes

I've just finished another couple for my future gang.


Escape the city

So my buddy took the riggers and me the gangers. He has a war rig (the drakkar of the wasteland!) and 60 cans and has to exit the rig on the opposite side whereas I have 120 cans of gangers to try to stop him.

I built three teams with two Miyazaki, two Mishkin and two Warden of 40 cans each, armed with big guns to destroy the war rig easily, like arc lighting projectors (6D6) and rockets (6D6) as well miniguns (4D6).

In the first picture you can see the end of turn 1. The war rig turned to its right to avoid the obstacles I was allowed to deploy before the game started. 
The green and yellow cars at the bottom are both Mishkin armed with arc lightning projectors; the white ones are Miyazaki with miniguns and the black ones Warden with rams and a pickup with rockets.

As the rig turned to its right I had to turn left to catch up with it. Look the Warden pickup at the bottom left making a hard turn...

... and now look how a rigger monster truck with ram and nitro fully rammed it on its flank! The pickup was nearly destroyed and finally exploded when it collided against an obstacle when flipped, causing some more damage to my performance Miyazaki in the process. Doh!

Both Mishkin fired their arc lightning projectors but failed miserably most of the attacks, and then they had to wait to reach gear four to be able to reload them.

They could not fire a second time and the pickup with rockets was out of the game and Miyazakis too far to make any impact. So the rigger finally reached the border and managed to escape with more than half of its hull points intact.

That was a poor performance of me overall, as well as horrible die rolling during all the game. 
Next time punks!


Gaslands: time extended

Getting ready for a War Rig Campaign.


Children of the wasteland

Here you have two more Copplestone's. Survivors from a scorched Earh and turned into savages.

So close up images reveal many mistakes but I like how they turned out when I see them in the flesh.

I like her pose very much. Actually, I love all Copplestone miniatures.

Colt, feather and sand. Desert Eagle. 


Starting a This is not a Test gang

I finally found two people willing to play TNT in 28 mm so I rescued my old Future Wars Copplestone's raiders that I bought long ago for one pound each. Nowadays they are sold for 1.75 GBP which is still a bargain when compared to wasteland raider models from current brands like Punkapocalyptic, GW or Mad Puppet Miniatures. 
Besides, Copplestone's have aged so well that I think they are still the best range of miniatures around!

So here you have the first miniature I painted, a bit as a test. 
It reminded me of Mad Max, but when I started painting it I changed my mind for the old Schwarzenegger in Terminator.


Ion Age Xin Trade Fleet soldiers

I bought these figures to use them as Laserburn rules' Red Redemptionists as they have blades and cloaks like the old original ones, which I'm not using as I think they have aged not too well. Besides, these Xin in red can be used for other roles like Chaos troops in a Dark Future.

So I just went for a fast and simple red and black pattern, except for those wielding force swords. I painted them in yellow for high contrast with red and black, which I think I achieved, though they now look more like they were wielding bananas instead of swords.

As you can see, these little 15 mm. miniatures can be very characterful. I specially like this one below.