Polar Fox Boar boyz for Warmaster.

This is my last unit of Boar boyz for Warmaster and as the title says they are from Polar Fox.

As you can see below, they are wider than they should be and it gets difficult to fit them in Warmaster bases.

Below you can see a comparative shot of three command stands. From left to right, Polar Fox, Savage Orcs from GW and normal Boar boyz from GW as well. The ones from Polar Fox are noticeably bulkier than GW's.

Below similar picture but from the other side, being Polar Fox the third ones from left to right. As you may notice, they are also less crispier and detailed than their GW counterparts.

If I had to choose between GW and PF I'd choose GW without doubt, but I wanted to see those from Polar Fox in the flesh so I ordered one unit instead of trying to get one original on Ebay. Overall, they blend without any problems with GW and add variation. Below you can see a full brigade with twelve stands.