I have dusted off my old Space Hulk to play it with my son During Easter. So far we have played the first five missions and he is loving it!

Who would have guessed back in 1.991 when I bought it, that I will be playing it with my son 25 years later? Just the thought of it is so awesome!

Playing third mission...to the rescue!

Nothing like the old art from those days...


Demolition man

I always wanted to have a soldier with beret so I bought one Copplestone's from Forlorn Hope and I have finished it today. I see him mainly as a merc character, but he will play also as adventurer, body guard or bounty hunter.

BTW, it's my first time painting urban camo as well as black clothing, and I'm happy with the result.

Epic Blood Angel Landspeeder detachment.

Squeezing time from nowhere I managed to finish one support detachment of Landspeeders for my still and never ending growing Epic Blood Angels army.


Five men at Kursk

Intrigued by the new activation I finally bought the rules and after reading them, I enthusiastically prepared the table for the introductory game with my son. Six German vs. six Americans, and the first to kill three soldiers win the game.

Half of my German squad advancing by the road and covering behind the hedges.

My son had better luck with dice and quickly killed my men and won the game.

We had already had a few games of Company Commander from the same author and he had enjoyed them, but even though he won this introductory game, when I asked him to play it again he declined.

I saw the potential of this rule set and I want to try its campaign for solo playing; I think my son got bored because the scenario was too simple and straight forward (I know it is just an introductory game).