San Holo, space smuggler

In a Laserburn / Rogue Trader nostalgic mood I grabbed this miniature I had around from long ago and painted it. I like how it turned out, and I must say it looks better in the flesh than in these crappy pictures.

I am thinking of painting some more miniatures similar to this one and make a band of adventurers for my skirmishes. Do you know of any modern sculpted miniatures with Old School flavour that can be used for Laserburn or RT games?


My Orc warband for Mordheim

I finally painted the Orc shaman and with him I have finished my warband for Mordheim. Now it is time for another project.

I thought about painting some flames on his slevees, or maybe some stars on his dress, but I wanted to finish ASAP so I did nothing in the end. His clothes need contrast but his hair compensates that.

And here it is my whole Orc warband ready to rumble in the streets of Mordheim! If you want to see closer pics of it just scroll down for previous posts.


Like you

The latest work of my brother. These whales live between the islands of Gran Canaria and Tenerife, in Canary Islands, where we are from.
It's short and beautiful, worth to watch it.
If you like it please share it.

Como tu from Rafa Herrero Massieu on Vimeo.


Mordheim Orc boss

Well, this is my last entry for Ernie's Orctober fest. I still have to paint the Orc shaman to finish my warband for Mordheim, but I doubt I can paint it before October ends.

I first painted the mug pending from his belt as white ceramic to write "Best Boss" in it as I thought it would be a nice touch for the warband's boss, but after several failed attempts I desisted and painted it in metal.


Orctober fest!

It's Orctober fest again at Ernie's place and I want to take the opportunity to finish once and for all my Orc band for Mordheim. Right after these three guys I only need to paint the hero and the magician to finish it, and I hope to do it during Orctober fest!

I finished these three chaps yesterday. The two on the right will be the big 'uns.

A close up

And a group shot of the warband.


Two more for the grave

I have not played yet any game of Frostgrave but at least it is making me to paint. This time I painted a Reaper miniature sculpted by Bob Olley who will be a wight or spectre, and a running barbarian by Copplestone that I ordered to Forlorn Hope and who will be a thug or maybe a thief for Frostgrave.

Upper torso a bit out of focus, sorry. I tried to paint some sort of ghostly light coming out from his eyes but I failed miserably and then I extended the paint all over his face and flesh, looking now more like a zombie.

I bought this guy to put him running with some war dogs as a beast master for my Chaos army, but now he will run for treasures in Frostgrave!


Hello Kitty Sigilist

Looking at these pictures you can tell I ruined this fantastic sculpt by Dennis Mize because the grotesque make up and the lack of transitions, specially in the skin tone, but thanks God she looks great from tabletop distance.

Her purse, lovely hair and customes, made me want to give her a teenish look, so I chose the Hello Kitty colour palette: pink, white and light blue.

As she is holding a scroll she would make a perfect Sigilist for Frostgrave.


Painted BTD Skellies

Two blisters of Old School flavour skeletons for Frostgrave. One blister of armoured skeletons...


... and another of unarmoured skeletons. Ideal for Frostgrave encounters.
The varnish did funny things with the verdigris.


Home made construct for Frostgrave

I did not have any construct miniature and as I did not fancy them enough to order one, I toyed with the idea of making one for Frostgrave, so I grabbed a wine cork, universal glue and kitchen scissors and hastily make one.

Then spray primed it.

And here you have the result. A bit dark and reddish maybe, but I like how it turned out in the end.

This other figure is also for Frostgrave. It is a thief from Bronze Age Miniatures that I will be using as erm, a thief. Although he could go better as a treasure hunter as well, given his sword and leather armor.

The couple together so you can see the scale of the construct.


Another Frostgrave band.

I am still waiting for my rulebook but as many already I could not resist to build up a band for Frostgrave. Right now I am just using already painted models I have around; but once I play a few games I am going to paint some more figures specifically for Frostgrave, like a thief, an archer and some monsters like skeletons and demons.

From left to right, there are a still unpainted thief from Bronze Age Miniatures, three thugs, three soldiers or barbarians from Granadier, the wizard, his apprentice (a heroclix painted years ago), a Viking archer from Foundry, a "dog" and a knight.

I painted these two years ago for a Mordheim campaign of Burning Town which I never got to play, but now they will be perfect for Frostgrave.


Homemade 10 mm sand bags and bard wire.

Making a break from painting 28 mm fantasy miniatures I made this defensive stuff for my 10 mm WWII armies. 
For the sandbags I used rice and for the wire a metal thread used for making collars and bracelets.