X-Com testing

I'm uploading a few pictures showing some action of my first X-com game testing. The six men team was slaughtered by the Greys.
I'm testing two things: sci-fi generic combat mechanic rules that I called Zap or Glory (ZOG) and X-Com campaign to be played with any ruleset. Many things need to be fixed though, especially in activation and combat mechanics. So far I just have a few pages draft in Spanish but it is taking shape. If I finally get something then I will translate them into English.
Minis from Khurasan; terrain hand-made except toy ships and trees.



I painted these fab Greys from Khurasan for my ongoing project X-Com Skirmish that I''m very slowly making.

Humans vs. Aliens!

 Scale shot

Family shot


More Khurasan sci-fi troops

This time are low tech level troops that I will use as rebels and as militia mostly. I wanted to give them mute military colours but I think from now onwards I will use bright colours for this scale as these ones cannot be seen clearly from a standing distance.

Again, Khurasan minis have great detail and crispy casting. They are 15mm delicatessen.

I experimentally tried some little skulls on some of them but they did not turn up very well...