Zhuh-Zhuhs II

More monkey boys for 5150. These will be the last painted figures in the next two months as this morning my right hand was operated on, and once I recover from this I will be operated on my left hand!

Some more pilots.

 A couple of mughees.

Group shot. I still have to paint two more mughees but that will have to be next year :(

And here we have the first war android the Basics built. The Homus Mechanicus, or Symon predecessor. This is my first OSL so bear with me.


5150 Zhuh-Zhuhs I

Here is the first batch of Zhuh-Zhuhs (space monkeys) I am painting for the Two Hour Wargames 5150 Universe.
The first two I painted did not turn out very well, especially their eyes (and the flash did not help either), but I am improving. I will paint some more monkeys and post them here in a week or two.

Pilots are a special breed among the Zhuh-Zhuhs and get better equipment and weapons.

These are the normal crew and troopers. I regret not swapping their weapons for futuristic ones like the pilots.