It's summer time and I am having plenty of time to finish some projects. After painting six points of Romans for SAGA now I finished my Numidian small allied army for my Romans for the The Art of War rules.

Not much really, but with one blister of cavalry and one of infantry plus one elephant give miniatures enough to play as an ally army.

Full army with encampment


Late Romans for SAGA 2

After playing SAGA 1, quit and sold all my Foundry Viking army, I have started again but this time on the cheap. I bought one box of Gripping Beast plastic Late Roman infantry that gives me five points of warriors for SAGA, and after that one box of plastic cavalry that gives me three points more. Eight points in total with just two boxes.

So I received the cavalry box and quickly painted five riders for one unit of hearthguard and the leader on horse, to have a six points army to play SAGA again. Right now I am using them as Last Romans or Byzantines, but later I will be using them as Romano British for the Arturus and Aetius supplement.

This picture below shows what it gives you the infantry box, five points army.

I gave them base colour, acrylic bitumen of Judea and then quick lights from waist upwards with the same base colours. Shields are LMB decals.

Two units of eight warriors with archers from the box.

I used LBM decals for the Gripping Beast metal figures which resulted a bit smaller than for their plastic range, so I had to paint the outer borders to cover the whole shield as you can notice from the picture below.

Here a picture of the six point army I am playing with at the moment but I am painting another unit of cavalry!

Another caption of cavalry next to infantry and mounted on Sally Forth movement trays.