Orcs invasion!

Back at his king's court to report from the discovered secret hideout the Orcs had near the frontier, they learn the Orcs have finally crossed the border and are attacking an important village. It seems to be an invasion! Eilif gathers all Rangers available at the moment and sets off in haste to help the villagers. Will they make it on time?

Meanwhile at the village, the Orc horde had been spotted and all freemen had already gathered at the walls and were ready waiting for them. The village does not have real defensive walls but a fence so that animals cannot come in and out, but enough to give some defensive bonus (-3d6 in combat for attackers). Besides, the Orcs have an extra 3d6 in combat when they charge, so it would be unwise to go and meet them in the open. Also, as the village does not have a proper gate, one unit of valiant defenders stands in Shieldwall formation to stop Orcs getting into the village. They must stop them in the walls to avoid looting and the burning of their houses.

The Orc horde advances en masse towards the village. A local sorceress tries a spell on them but fails.

Mirholme Fyrd stays in the fence and Orcs charge, but only two units with their general. The rest of the undisciplined rabble stops in its tracks quarreling about some tribal issues, and leaves its general alone in the fight. The sorceress manages to cast a deadly bolt and kills two charging Orcs but the rest of the unit reaches and kills her! The valiant men at the gate hold fast. No sign of any reinforcements yet.

 Where is Eilif?

Finally all the Orcs charge. A fierce and desperate fight is joined. The Shieldwall at the gate crumbles down and disintegrates, but the Orcs pay a high price for clearing the entrance. On the right, one of the two units of Orcs is well received by the men at the fence and it flees after sustaining many casualties. Eilif's rangers emerge from the woods on the left, there is still hope!

Eilif's rangers charge the flank of the assaulting Orcs and hit them hard, but at the same time the surviving Orcs at the gate enter the village and flank attack the men who were defending the fence where Eilif is now. On the right flank, the last units of Orcs and men are engaged in a deadly fight.

No quarter is given or taken.

The Orc tide is finally stopped and the village is safe, but at what price!

The Orcs of Naz-Goth are invading the realm of king Einar in the Border Kingdoms. Soon there will be a retaliation from him, and the conflict will escalate into a full war!


1/72 Caesar miniatures adventurers.

I painted these two adventurers from Caesar Miniatures as I need them for my next game. They are 1/72 and the detail is excellent, very sharp. I think I'll paint some more in the future.

Here you have the adventurer next to two Zvezda Vikings. As you see they match very well.