DBA Polybian Roman army II/33

I tried Vallejo Xpress paints on this army and I am not satisfied. It took me more or less the same time to paint it and the result is far worse that If I had painted it normally. 

Anyway, it is done and ready to roll.

Here you can see the results of these paints as everything except the point of the spears have been painted with Xpress colours. Some of the pigment got eaten by the varnish as the paints are a bit reactive. These units are 3Ax fast for DBA 3.0 and Ps.

I painted the brown horses traditionally as  Vallejo Xpress has only two browns, one for wood (spear staff) and one for leather (reigns).

Here you can see Hastati and Princeps (Bd) and Triarii (Sp) from Essex, good quality-price relation overall, but I wouldn't recommend ordering their plastic DBA bases.

Black colour from Xpress is useless so I painted the plumes with normal paint as well all the metallics.