Frostgrave barbarians

Being plastic and all that I decided to fast paint ten of them in one go, with few colours, dipping and just one light. They turned out okay but I am not very happy with the result.


Last of the Mohicans

Latest and last of them as I'm considering done until I have a game of TNT.
It's been fun and motivating but now my head is into different stuff. Actually, I have already started dipping some plastic barbarians from Frostgrave :)

Family shot


More wasteland dwellers

Well, two more raiders done, and just two more to go before considering it done until I have a game of This is not a Test. After that I'll see if I paint the rest of the gang or something different. Actually, there is a box of plastic barbarians from Frostgrave staring at me from the shelf.


More barbarians from the wasteland

Here you have two more Copplestone's. Fantastic old school sculpts, so full of details but clean at the same time. I'm enjoying immensely painting these guys. I hope to have some games with them some day as well.

 He is ashamed of his face but so proud of his hair.

 This is a knife!

Detail of a ripped Teddy bear at his back.