A fool and an assassin

Little after they return to the nearest town with the woman and the kids, a short tempered Dwarf, with an axe bigger than him, approaches to the group with some urgent information.
His name is Grom and he has lost everything to the Greenskins, so he hates them like only a Dwarf can hate. He tells Sven he knows the hand who is behind of all this lately Orc unresting. An Orc shaman has come to the valley and he is rising all Orcs from the hills with a mysterious and dark objective in mind.
Grom tells them that to stop all this Orc unrest they must kill the shaman, and that he knows he is not far, and with just a bodyguard accompanying him. They must hurry and strike before dawn!

This is Grom, my latest painted Dwarf and new companion to the group. They are now Sven's six.

So they send Bubba the Halfling armed with a poisoned dagger to kill the shaman. Being more a minstrel than a warrior or an assassin, the troubled Halfling sneaks behind the encampment and through the bushes, while the Dwarfs take position around it, and as close as they can without raising the alarm.

It is still very dark and the sentinels do not see them coming.

Finbul kills the first sentinel with a clean shot from his crossbow,

whereas the rest of the Dwarfs dash into the Orc encampment.

Grom in his eagerness foolishly impales himself into the spear's sentinel!

Juggo wounds another sentinel but does not kill him. Suddenly all the Orcs come out from their tents and Sven and Snorri face two Orcs each! Bubba keeps approaching from behind, waiting for the shaman to show up.

Fortune smiles the bold and so Juggo, Sven and Finbul kill one Orc each. But now Snorri is in trouble.

The shaman appears and Bubba tenses in anticipation. Snorri is fighting for his life.

Snorri disengages and one of his opponents is distracted by Sven, and now Snorri wounds the other Orc.

He finally kills him but now Juggo is down and Sven is slightly wounded!

Snorri runs to help Sven while Bubba faces the Shaman, who casted a spell but failed.

He poisons the shaman, who disengages and runs to escape pursued by Bubba, who finally finishes him. Snorri falls.

After much fighting and bleeding, the rest of the group surrounds and kills the last and most fierce of the Orcs.