Epic Blood Angels individually based.

Now my tiny Chaos Marines will have something to kill (pics are clickable)


Epic Chaos Marines on individual bases

I've painted these Chaos Marines for skirmishes with the CR 3.0 rules. I made their bases with a magnetic sticker I took from the fridge.
Pictures are clickable.

Chaos Marines from the old sprues

Chaos Marines from the latest sprues, a little bit bigger than previous ones
Epic Beast Men
As you see, there is a great variety of poses for being only 6 mm.


BFG second round

After our introduction fought two weeks ago, we decided to play another game of BFG. This time we chose the scenario "Fleet Engagement" and played it at 2.000 points each, so I could add my Retribution class dreadnought and one more cruiser, a Dominator class, to the fleet I already used last time.

The battlefield after Chaos moved its first turn.
We started very close from each other and to put things worse, my opponent gained the initiative for the first turn and then moved all his Chaos fleet ahead, firing and launching everything he's got. I refused to Brace for Impact as I wanted to counter strike my opponent's attack. Thus, it started a fierce and very close range battle with many comes and goes for both fleets.

My very basic strategy was to move forward the Retribution to absorb most enemy fire and launch torpedoes at point blank, while I keep my three cruisers with Nova cannon safe and firing as much as possible. I also deployed two small carriers on each flank (a Dictator and a Mars) to stop as enemy bomber waves as possible.

The Nova cannons gave me a positive result overall as I got many "Hits" with the scatter dice, forcing my scared opponent to Brace for Impact more than once. Before the new rule, I rarely used Nova Cannon as I am terrible estimating distances.

Second turn. Chaos in Lock on and Empire Bracing for Impact
All the Chaos fleet Locked On when it was in position and close enough to fire all its batteries and lances, so I had to put all my fleet on Brace for Impact to avoid being wiped out. Actually, my Dictator carrier failed that order and received five hits from one only salva of a passing Chaos cruiser.

The Retribution surrounded by blast markers and many sharks Locking On
Because of so many blast markers and the continuous Brace for Impact orders I had to do, I could only reload torpedoes once in the whole game, and so I had to rely on my batteries. Nonetheless, my Cobra squadron on the right flank made some palpable hits, and my four Sword class frigate squadron on the left flank managed to cap and completely destroy a Chaos cruiser.

Last turn. More than half of all the ships crippled
Chaos cruisers proved to be devastating at point blank with their huge batteries, but the Empire did its part quite well and also had the luck of seeing how the Chaos heavy carrier exhausted its ordenance after the third wave.

In the end we quit the game with most of our ships crippled and we called it a draw with a slight advantage to the Chaos fleet.

Well, at least I did it bettter than in our first game, and I hope to win in our next encounter. I think I will mount and paint a heavy carrier I have somewhere, to give the Empire Ordenance superiority.