My best friend has passed away.

He was found this morning in his bed with the lamp on. He died at 54 while he was reading a book.

We first met in primary school and we instantly became friends. We had the same interests in books, movies and games. We imagined and drew dungeons and big battles before we even knew about wargames.

We met cigarettes, alcohol, parties and girls together for the first time. We also started playing wargames together in the late seventies and early eighties when nobody else in Spain was doing it yet. We discovered together D&D, Laserburn, Warhammer first edition and Rogue Trade, but also WRG Napoleonics, DBM and DBA, as well as all Avalon Games and many many more games. Most games you can see in this blog I played with him.

He has been present in all important events of my life almost since the beginning. He was the friend who I could talk about comics, books, games, music, video games, wargames and about my private life for hours and hours. 

I saw him the same day he died. I visited him to pick up some wargames stuff he had ordered for me and we chatted a bit and made plans to meet next Saturday at his house for a game of Oathmark. We have been friends and been wargaming for almost forty years and I always thought that we would be playing for forty more, but now he's gone and I feel alone and with less will to live. We had so many projects to do and so many games to play.

What am I going to do now Paco? I miss you so much already buddy!