These two bears are 3D sculpts I downloaded for free time ago and had them printed at 1/72 scale. They are not as sharp as the resin wolves but they are OK.

 Next to a 1/72 soldier for scale.



These magnificient 1/72 wolves are from Nikolai and they come seven in one blister. I have painted three in brown, three in grey and one in black as bit of experiment. They are thin, small and fragile, but a joy to paint.

As you see, they are great sculpts, very dynamic and with a variety of poses.

These two are my favourites, They are rather menacing and scary.

Here's a few comparative scale shots. This a Zvezda Viking.

Another one.

And this a farm dog from Pegasus Hobbies. -Huh, hello friend....?

And with a sheep from Pegasus Hobbies. The wolves look a bit big next to the animals but not that big as to look weird.

I am very happy with them.


Maurice first time

I read the rules and I think they are very interesting and innovative, so last weekend we tried them for the first time. We played with the basic rules with Pendraken 10mm miniatures armies of Spanish (attacker) versus British (defender) mounted on 20 mm square bases.

We made a lot of mistakes, the first one was deploying terrain bigger than rules say, the second one was stretching our armies in the deployment. Because of this, the game went slow and akward and we felt we couldn't do much.

I think we played for three hours and then we quit with an aftermath of three Spanish units eliminated and no decisive actions taken, but we are going to give another try as soon as possible, and also watch some game play videos on youtube. BTW, I'd appreciate any good links you may know on Maurice game play.

Here's a few shots of the game; British on the right of the picture and you can see in the first picture their artillery already bombarding the Spanish lines. The objective to take was the brown square you can see on the top of the hill next to my artillery.

Spanish cavalry trying to sneak through my right flank.

And then charging with some infantry, who was later repulsed and destroyed.

After that, the Spanish player tried on the other flank where my artillery was hitting them almost every turn, but as I said, nothing decisive happened and we finally called it a day.