Battlefleet Gothic ships on sale. Skavens And Seleucid 10mm army


Continuing with the selling of my buddy's stuff.


Warmaster Undead army for sal

I'm also selling this Undead army from my buddy for 350 €. As usual buyer pays shipping. Only Europe and through Paypal. Thanks.


1/72 Emhar Saxon warriors

This is the beginning of a new project of Dark Ages in 1/72 scale. After this box from Eimhar I'm painting a Viking box from Zvezda to have some skirmishes with both of them.

These Saxons from Eimhar have been already reviewed by Plastic Soldier Review so I won't say much about them except I found irritating to have to clip all spears from the sprue as they come separate. One of the reasons I like this scale is that you don't need to glue the miniatures as they come in one piece. Also, they are so thin and delicate that inevitably some weapons will snap when you clip them from the sprue.

Apart from that, the plastic is quite hard and take spray priming rather well. Also, the plastic has memory so you can bend it in any position and it won't change, which is something that allows you to make many variations of the same pose if you want.

All in all, a good box of miniatures worthy to buy them.

The whole box painted, 50 figures in total.

These are all the different poses from the box, 13 in total.

And these three the ones whose weapons snapped when clipping them from the sprue.