Battlefleet Gothic ships on sale. Skavens And Seleucid 10mm army


Continuing with the selling of my buddy's stuff.


Warmaster Undead army for sal

I'm also selling this Undead army from my buddy for 350 €. As usual buyer pays shipping. Only Europe and through Paypal. Thanks.


1/72 Emhar Saxon warriors

This is the beginning of a new project of Dark Ages in 1/72 scale. After this box from Eimhar I'm painting a Viking box from Zvezda to have some skirmishes with both of them.

These Saxons from Eimhar have been already reviewed by Plastic Soldier Review so I won't say much about them except I found irritating to have to clip all spears from the sprue as they come separate. One of the reasons I like this scale is that you don't need to glue the miniatures as they come in one piece. Also, they are so thin and delicate that inevitably some weapons will snap when you clip them from the sprue.

Apart from that, the plastic is quite hard and take spray priming rather well. Also, the plastic has memory so you can bend it in any position and it won't change, which is something that allows you to make many variations of the same pose if you want.

All in all, a good box of miniatures worthy to buy them.

The whole box painted, 50 figures in total.

These are all the different poses from the box, 13 in total.

And these three the ones whose weapons snapped when clipping them from the sprue.


First time with Warhammer Historical Battles

I never played WAB before because I have never had a 28mm historical army to play with, but I thought I could try it with the Late Romans I painted for SAGA and yes, I had enough for a 1.000 points battle.

We played with the supplement The Age of Arthur with my Romans versus some disgusting Saxons in a pitched battle.

Armies displayed. Saxons on top and Romans bottom. The Saxon army consisted of two units of Duguth and one of Gedrith with their general in it, plus skirmishers with slings and bows. The Romans had two units of skirmishers with javelins, two of shock cavalry and two of infantry with heavy throwing spears.

Movements after first turn. I moved forward skirmishers and placed infantry in line with the hill, while I positioned the cavalry to charge the Saxon's flank. Saxons move forward, and a unit of skirmishers with bows threatened my cavalry on the flank.

On second turn I only launched forward my two skirmishers armed with javelins to stop Saxon's left flank while I dealt with its right one. I placed my general close to the skirmishers to give them his leadership but this later proved to be a fatal mistake. Besides, later I also learned generals cannot use his leadership on skirmishers.

Saxons charged and my skirmishers fled into the wood, leaving alone their surprised general facing an unexpected charge. Oops!

The General lost the melee and took one wound, and also failed his leadership test and panicked. After that, all the units within 12" also failed their tests and panicked and fled, with the unit of infantry with spears almost exiting the board!

In my turn, all of them could luckily rally, but the general suffered another wound from enemy javelins. He was now with only one wound left.

But then the Saxons madly charged uphill and lost the melee two to three casualties. Far on the Roman's left flank, the cavalry had charged and put to run the Saxon skirmishers with bows and it was now threatening the Saxon exposed flank. Things started to get better for the Romans.

Charging Saxons had to move backwards and while I chased them I hit the left flank of their General's unit. I also charged with my two units of shock cavalry to the other Saxon unit.

I won both melees and the Saxon General's unit fled. On the other flank my two skirmish unit rallied and concentrated on the decimated Saxon unit while a fresh Roman unit moved forward in their support. This was turn six and we called it a day, with a marginal victory for Rome.

The game was tense and exciting, and we had so much fun that we decided to play another game as soon as possible, this time with 1.500 points each!