Last Russians

Well, here there are the last Russian troops I will be painting for the moment. I thought they were the last ones but after painting all this stuff I realised I need some Recce vehicles and maybe some more T-34s, so a new order to Pendraken is in the way.

76 mm AT guns



Medium mortars

And here there is the CO base for BKC. I like how the radio truck turned of; using pigments is really fun!

Another view of the base...

and a last one.



I am finally finishing my 10mm WWII Russian army. Here you can see four companies based for Crossfire but that can be used as well for BKC and other games. 
They are two Guard companies flocked with sand (left) and two Rifle companies flocked with grass (right), plus six LMG bases and two AT rifle bases and some officers.

Now I am painting the HMGs, snipers, mortars and AT guns plus one command base for BKC and then I will be done with them and be able to move to the Germans.

A Guards platoon

A Rifle platoon

Some officers