Caesar Wood Elves with swords and others

These Elves are all from the same box with the archers except from one figure who comes from the Adventurer's set, the not Tauriel with two knives (first on the left).

This could work as a guard unit or as linebreakers.

And these are the three units of Elves I painted from the box. There are still enough miniatures for another unit as there are 35 in the box, but I'm done with Elves at the moment.


Caesar 1/72 Wood Elves

These are part of the figures of the Caesar Elves box. Now I'm painting some more  from with two handed swords. 

Seeing the figures so close makes me realise how much my eyesight has worsened as they look splendid to me when I look at them on the table, but the close ups show something different.

Anyway, these figures are beautifully sculpted and with a lot of detail and a very clean cast with almost no flash. A joy to paint them.