Gandalf, Gollum and the Fellowship of the Ring.

Here there are the last two painted figures for the Fellowship of the Ring, Gandalf and Gollum. I am quite happy I finished this little project. I may someday paint Gondorians or Easterlings, but for now this is over.



Legolas and Gimli

Two more for the Fellowship of the Ring in 1/72; next Gandalf and Gollum. I love these figures but especially Legolas as he is very dynamic.

I'm happy how he turned out. I used Vallejo paints. He's got Russian uniform for his trousers, Reflective green for his tunis and German Fieldgrey for his cloak. Then flat brown for boots, flat Earth for bow and Mahoganey for leather straps and belt.

Here it is a comparative shot with one 1/72 soft plastic Caesar Elf. Legolas is slightly less taller than the Caesar's one because he has no integrated base.


Aragorn and Boromir

Well, keeping painting the Felowship of the Ring now I've painted Aragorn and Boromir. Legolas and Gimli will be next.

The tunics are Vallejo US Dark Green and the Elven cloaks Vallejo Field Grey. The do not distinguish well in the pictures but they do in real. 

These pictures have more light than the ones with the Hobbits as the sun was shining when I took them. Remember they are 1/72 scale and not 28 mm.



As there are not Hobbits or Halflings in 1/72 scale I printed these ones to make the Fellowship of the Rings. The detail is a little too much for me to paint as I cannot see well.

Frodo and Sam

Merry and Pippin (I think it is a model representing Bilbo, but I could not get a proper Pippin).

A size comparison shot next to a 1/72 Zvezda Viking.