Khurasan sci-fi troopers

I am making the most of my free time and painted this batch of troopers for my skirmish games. They are from the excellent Khurasan range. Great sculpts, crisp casting and top service, highly recommended.


Tigers arrived and Strongpoint assault

In the pictures below you can see two Tiger I tanks I ordered to China, both for 14 $ including shipping. They are not model kits but toys and the scale is not exact; they are two or three millimetres longer in hull and one or so high in turret, but I do not care much as they are Tigers and this way they look more terrifying. I added a few PSC soldiers for scale comparison.

They came in green and with some patches of yellow sprayed on them and I had planned to use them as they were but then I saw it was too much green and started to add more colours and when I realised they were totally painted, but without priming them first.
Anyway I think they turned out OK in the end and naturally I used them in our next game.

We played Strong point assault at 500 points, me defensively with Germans and my friend Alex with his Russians; all terrain handmade by him.
I had 29 BR points and my opponent 35 points thanks to his commissar.

German forces deployed and waiting for the Russians. One Tiger was kept as reserve to enter on turn 4 together with most of the infantry.

Tiger, tiger burning bright
In the forests of the night,

On turn 3 Russian reinforcements entered on their left flank and the Tiger destroyed the most dangerous of their tanks in ambush fire, a SU-152; the rest were T-34s.

On the right flank it only entered a lonely T-34 with tank riders who after being ambush fired from the house, their remnants died trying to assault it, and then the tank destroyed by a PAK 40 at point blank.

Boing, boing, boing! Russians could not pierce the Tiger's skin and he slowly started to kill them one by one.

End of turn 4 and all my German infantry reinforcements were already advancing towards the only objective in Russian hands.

They finally managed to destroy one Tiger but the other one out of the picture ultimately broke the Russians. German 19 - Russians 38. I think if all Russian tanks would have entered on the other flank where the solitaire PAK40, things had gone differently.