The Old Forest

After crossing the Brandywine, they headed for the Old Forest through the Tunnel Gate but after a while, the evil forest misled them and they went south and east until they arrived to river Wythywindle.

The Hobbits start in the middle bottom of the map, the river to the right is the Wythywindle, the building is the house of Tom Bombadil, and the hills at the left top corner the Barrow Downs. They have to leave the table on the upper left corner and through the Downs. There is a Hazard Token (HT) in the centre of the table.

They started moving towards the Downs and the HT did the same, but a new one appeared behind them!


The Hobbits moved forward and met the HT who turned to be Tom Bombadil no less (I used the figure of a Dwarf to proxy him), and who offered his help and invited them to his house and then disappeared.

They kept moving north but started to get surrounded by HTs.

Suddenly they were spotted by a big and menacing wolf who seemed to be very hungry.

They ignored the wolf and run for the house of Tom but then they met with another and even more dangerous wild creature, a grumpy bear. Fortunately, they could reach the safety of Tom's house and after this, the creatures were dismissed by him.


One turn later, the Hobbits left the house and headed towards the Barrow Downs, but there they spotted a scout Orc. - An Orc so far from his lair! The enemy is moving fast, we must press on with haste Sam.

Merry and Pipping shot him with their slings but both missed. Then the four valiant Hobbits charged the Orc and together they could overwhelm him.

But Frodo resulted wounded, they must be more careful.

Finally, they crossed the Barrow Downs and exited the area. There was a possbility of an encounter in a Barrow but they missed it.

In the end, the Hobbits were very fortunate as things could have gone far more worse. Luckliy, next time they will count with the help of Strider That is, if he manages to arrive to Bree in one piece!

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