Spartacus vs. a legionary

This time Spartacus must fight against a condemned legionary. This legionary is an old veteran from many battles with Rep 7, and fully equipped with lorica, helmet, scutum, gladius and pilum.

As soon as he can, the legionary throws his pilum and hits Spartacus' chest, uh oh!
But contorting in an impossible way, Spartacus miraculously dodges the pilum, only suffering a minor scratch. Then Spartacus charges the disappointed legionary who easily parried him with his big shield.
Spartacus attacks again and forces him to recoil. They exchange some blows and suddenly the legionary knocks Spartacus down to the ground an jumps on him to finish him.

Spartacus parries him from the ground and then stands up and keeps fighting. Nonetheless, the legionary cuts Spartacus upper left leg, making the first blood. This infuriates him so much that strikes him back savagely, slashing legionary's chest and knocking him down to the ground, where he manages to cut his chest again though this time superficially.

The seasoned legionary revolves like a mad cat and slashes Spartacus lower left leg but the ocrea saves him from damage. The legionary stands up ready to fight. They have both only five dice pool each!
The legionary wisely stays quiet and catches some breath. Spartacus does the same.
The legionary catches some more breath again, and again Spartacus does the same.
Tired of this game, Spartacus dashes forward and tries to flank the legionary who reacts on time. Spartacus insists and hits him in the upper left leg. The legionary falls to the ground where he spends his last dice from the pool and lays at the mercy of Spartacus.

Spartacus caps him and the game is over. The legionary gave a good fight and died honourably.
Spartacus gains 14 APs for this combat and now has a total of 28 APs and 169 FPs.