Last painted miniatures of 2014

I managed to squeeze some time to paint two more Goblins before end of year.
I painted one in a more traditional green with Vallejo olive green, and the other one with light brown, and I have to say I really like how turned out this one. 
I think it will use it for most of my Goblins.

My son wants to play with them so we will probably have a little skirmish with them tomorrow morning :)

BTW, Happy New Year 2015 to you all fellow wargamers!!!


DBA Corvus Belli Celtiberians army.

I had this army half painted and waiting to be finished from long ago and now I finished it to sell it as I do not play DBA anymore, at least not in 15 mm.

This range is from Corvus Belli and it has recently been discontinued. I will sell it on Ebay as soon as I have time to check P&P at the mail office.

The full army
 Gen Cv & Lh
 4 Psilois
 3 Wb
 3 Wb


Testing Goblin skin tone

I felt like painting some Orcs and Goblins I have but did not want to paint their skins with the classic green tone from GW so I decided to make some testing and grabbed some Vallejo colours I had from the WWII range.
These little critters ooze old school and were a joy to paint them. Regretfully, my sight is not what is used to be and I barely could paint their eyes and teeth.

 This one was painted with Russian uniform.

This one with SS Orange Camo.

And this one with Japanese uniform.

Actually, I liked the three skin tones very much and I will be using them all for the next Goblins