The slave and the king

Today, Spartacus is faced against a different type of beast, a lion! This noble animal and with the same Rep than Spartacus, has been kept on a diet of yogurt and lettuce for two weeks and it's really hungry.
The gate is raised and the lion jumps into the arena going directly against Spartacus, who also advances towards it. They meet in the middle of the arena, with the lion attacking first with 4d10, and Spartacus defending with 3d10. Spartacus, helped with the height advantage, passes two more dice than the lion and slices its head, severely wounding and stunning the poor beast, who gives ground intimidated by the gladius.
Now Spartacus strikes back and passes again two more dice than the lion, deeply thrusting its flank and forcing it to give ground once more. It seems the beast is no match for a trained and armed fighter.
Again the lion attacks with 4d10 and Spartacus defends with 3d10, who barely manages to contain the beast. Spartacus tries again but the lion is getting wise and passes 1d10 more than Spartacus, who cannot avoid receiving such a deep and fierce swipe on his left leg that even his ochrea goes away with it! He burns 5d10 and gives ground, leaving a trail of blood in front of him. The lion, sensing its opportunity, rises on its two hind paws and bash attacks the bleeding man.

Its powerful roar in triumph is only deafened by that of the crowd, that also senses that something fatal is about to happen. But Spartacus still has some tricks under his helmet and forces the beast back once again. Then, he suddenly launches a swift whirlwind attack with his two gladius, and passing 2 more dice than his enemy, he badly cuts it again, this time on one of its paws.

The opportunity passes away and the lion surrenders and lays on the arena, exhausted and bleeding to death. Spartacus waves theatrically to the crowd and then finishes off the defeated king!

Spartacus wins another laurel for this easy victory on the lion, plus six Advance points. Spartacus has now a total of 34 Advance points and 225 Fame points; he is still Rep 6.


Painted 10mm Eureka's Chaos Dwarfs

All the miniatures you can see in these pictures belong to the same blister. As you see, there are a lot of variety for being 10 mm.
I always use sunlight for my pictures but today it is heavily cloudy and I had to use the flash, which has eaten some of the details I'm afraid.

I think this range is really good and soon they will see some action within the Einar's campaign. Anyway, I hope you like them.
Pictures are clickable.
These two models are my favourite, especially the tentacled one.
As someone asked for a comparison picture with other Dwarves, I'm posting this new picture. From left to right, GW, Eureka, Copplestone and a Skeleton from Pendraken.