FUBAR Shieldwall

As I quite liked latest FUBAR game, I tried FUBAR Medieval; but I do not have medieval models so I played with my Dark Age 1/72 figures. In the end, I took FUBAR Medieval and updated with FUBAR 5 plus some more things from FUBAR Carbon and my own.

By the way, I played this with the forces displayed in a FUBAR supplement called 1066 and all that.

So a Viking raiding party has arrived to take all the silver from the big church recently finished. They have been sighted and the bells been chiming to alert the lord of a nearby castle. The Saxons have formed two fyrds with the inhabitants of the village plus a small unit of archers with the intention to resist and delay the Vikings from their plundering until the arrival of their lord. 

The Jarl notices all this but after a quick thinking, he decides to run for the silver at the church.

First blood for the Saxon archers.

But they are caught by the fast Vikings...

and pay for that with their lives.

The Vikings are closing fast and still no sight of the Saxon reinforcments. In the picture below, I realised how well deployed my archers would have been behind the wall and between the two fyrds, being them able to shoot to all incoming Vikings from there without any danger of being charged.


The fyrd is no match for the Viking berserks and huscarles, and their shieldwall holds only one push. They are massacred but do their killing too before the end.

On the left side the other Viking warband clashes against the second fyrd with similar results.

The theng finally arrives with a company of huscarles and another fyrd.

Too late to save the church that is being pillage in that moment.

The last berserk chases and murders the poor cleric.

The Saxons form Shieldwall in front of the Vikings, stopping them from escaping to their ships with the silver from the church.

The jarl proudly challenges the theng to a duel who quickly accepts it, sensing an opportunity to stop the powerful Vikings.

Meanwhile, one of the Viking warbands manages to flee with the silver, but they don't leave their jarl alone as another warband is coming to his aid. In the duel, the theng exchanges wounds with the jarl who receives the worst part.

The theng huscarles are attacked by a Viking warband.

Finally, the theng finishes the jarl.

Taking the opportunity the jarl's followers don't react, the theng charges the Viking warband to help his huscarles, but he is killed together with them.
Less than half of the Viking raiding party survived, and the jarl is not one of them, but he is surely laughing in Valhalla.
I am liking FUBAR and I think I'll have more games. I may try FUBAR skirmish next time and in my head there are already several ideas taking shape.


FUBAR First Time

I had the intention of playing FUBAR since its origins so today I finally had a small game with two squads of Germans plus a PAK 40, defending a farm from two squads of US plus one Sherman and one Halftrack, to try a bit of everything and get a general taste of these rules.

The Pak40 shot and hit the M4 but didn't penetrate its frontal armour. The Sherman activated and fired all its weapons, suppressing the crew. The Halftrack moved to the right and disembarked a squad, but it got damaged by a panzerfaust. Another squad advanced on the left. All Germans were On Guard.

Half squad disembarked on the left, giving supporting fire with the BAR to the other half squad  who tried to approach on the right flank but received a lot of fire from the Germans.

They finally assaulted the defensive German position behind the hedge.

After three turns US troops won the combat.

Meanwhile the Sherman finished the Pak40, as well as the other German squad with supporting fire from a squad.

German lost all their effectives whereas US only lost half squad.

 I liked the rules and I'm seeing myself playing more games in the future with them as it can be played solo. I think I am going to test a game with more tanks and see how it goes.


Escape from the Prancing Pony

Barliman Butterbur, busy with his customers at the Prancing Pony.

Strider and the Hobbits leave the inn early in the moring with the hope of avoiding trouble.

But trouble already lays ahead. Here's Bill Ferny waiting for them at his house in the outskirst of Bree .

As soon as they leave Bree they meet with a pair of Squint-Eyed Southerners, outlands from Dunland at the service of Saruman, and called by Bill Ferny.

The Hobbits run for the forest to hide in there whereas Strider stands in the way and looses an arrow but misses. The Orcs, not seeing the Hobbits, charge Strider who easily finishes them off.

But at the end of the road appears their leader, a champion and tough fighter. Strider wastes no time and charges, dispatching him outright. Meanwhile the Hobbits stay save in the forest.

Bill Ferny swears and attacks Strider but he is no rival for the Ranger.

Some Orcs coming out from the woods spot the Hobbits and charge them, but they are too far and only one of them reaches Strider.

Striders turns back and slays the evil creature whereas the Hobbits courageously charge at the other two Orcs. They get lucky and can kill them, with only Pippin suffering a wound. But more Orcs are approaching down the way!

Strider charges at them and all Hobbits, except Pippin who is wounded, do the same after him. Strider kills one Orc and then charges another and puts out it as well.

However, the little Hobbits result wounded by the only Orc fighting them, who defends his life like a cornered wild creature.

Finally, Aragorn gets rid of the last Orc before more of them come, and they swiftly leave Bree and head for Rivendell.




Evil Champion and Sorcerer

These two figures are 20mm metal ones from Elhiem miniatures. A generous friend from the hobby gave them to me already painted, but I repainted them at my own taste.

They are good to have more characters in any game, but their detail is not as good as some 1/72 soft plastic ones.