More Warmaster figures on individual bases

I bought this blister on ebay for 0.99 GBP and it comes with 24 individual 10 mm. figures and 12 different poses! This skirmish blister is great to get figures for your skirmish games in 10mm. Warmaster range has another one with dwarves; a pity GW didn't make skirmishers for the rest of the races.
In these two pictures you can see the twelve different poses. As you can see, very dynamic to be 10 mm. and with an unbeatable quality in sculpting and casting.
Click on the pictures for a larger version.


Expanding WHAA

I'm uploading my house rules to be used in any WHAA campaign. These rules are still untested, so if you fancy try them I'd appreciate your feedback.


In Warrior Heroes it is assumed that all of the basic needs of the character and his followers are taken care by their job and what they can loot and scavenge from defeated enemies. But money is still needed for some special things and moments during the game:

You will need money to bribe, pay ramsons and buy special items like armours or magic items.

As said, money is for special things and thus that money is special as well, and apart from the one commonly used for everyday life. You can spend “special money” in the same way you can earn it.

In every capital of every kingdom you will find a Tavern, a Shop, an Arena and a Castle of the lord.


In the Tavern you can sell prisioners, pay ramsons, hire mercenaries and play some special encounters.

Selling and buying

You can earn some money by selling captured enemies (you can never have more prisioners than followers) in the slave market or by ramsoning important personalities like nobles or kings.

Likewise, if you or some of your followers is captured by the enemy, you can pay their ramson instead of playing the Escape encounter.




CV x 10 Gold Crowns

Nobles, Chieftains, Heroes

CV x 100 Gold Crowns

Kings, Emperors*

CV x 1.000 Gold Crowns

* Kings are found commanding groups of CV 100 or higher.


You can also spend some more money hiring special characters for your company. Roll 1d6 to see if you find somebody to hire; with 1-4 there is nobody at the moment, with a 5 there is one special character for hire, and with 6 there are two available. These characters cost their CV x 100 GC each. They are generated from the local army list and then upgraded to big bad; they can start with a Rep higher than yours. Their alignment cannot be opposite to yours.

Special encounters

Sometimes you can find someone who may need of your services. Roll 1d6 and if a 6 is scored there is someone with a mission for you. Roll again 1d6:

1-2 Escort goods to a near village (short caravan without any guards but your men). Roll for two possible encounters.

3-4 Kill the bandits that has taken a near village (raid attackers scenario). 2d6 Rep 3 inhabitants with improvised weapons will help you. Use looting table to represent peasants generosity for being rescued.

5 Dangerous bandits pestering the area, find their base and destroy them all. Use patrol scenario; passing 2d6 in the scout table will mean you have found the entrance to the bandits lair. The bandit base is a dungeon. The bandit forces will be normal bandits generated from the caravan guard list (1-4) or deserters generated from the local army list (5-6).

6 Tower of the Elephant. You must enter into a wizard tower by night to recover an important artifact. Start by the roof and go down three levels to find it. Each level has 1d6 rooms. Generate guards (use caravan guard list), wizard and looting with the WHAA dungeon rules. Wizard will have 2d6 Rep.

You will receive an extra Social Advancement upon successful completion of each mission.


Another place to earn or spend some money by selling or buying special items. Roll in the magic potion, magic weapons and magic items tables to find out which items are on sale:




AC x 100 Gold Crowns

Magic Armour

(AC + ability**) x 1.000 Gold Crowns

Magic Weapon

(Impact + ability**) x 1.000 Gold Crowns

Special Items

Ability x 100 Gold Crowns

Magic Items

Ability x 1.000 Gold Crowns


100 Gold Crowns


100 Gold Crowns

*Armours refer to those looted in a raid or bought in a shop, but not those scavenged from the battlefield.

**Each ability is 5 points worth, so an item with one ability would cost 5 x 100 Gold Crowns.



A good way of earning some money is participating in a tournament. Weapons used in tournaments are blunt and nobody can be killed in them, but this not means a character may not result seriously injured. Treat all OD as OOF and all OOF as KO.

All tournaments have five rounds of general melee, formed by a random number of teams. Your goal is being the last standing man in the last round; if you result OOF in any round before the end then the tournament is over for you. On the other hand, if you win the tournament you will earn 3.000 GC and 1 extra Social Advancement.

Participants in the tournament will be picked from the local army list. For the three first rounds you have to roll 1d6 to set the number of teams participating in the melee, and 2d6 to set the CV for them. For the last two rounds you have to roll 1d3 for the number of teams and 1d6 for the CV of them. Put your character in one of the teams at random, and pick dice of different colours for the activation of each team.

The tournament will be held in a circular or oval clear suface with all the teams deployed equidistant and facing each other.


This is another way of earning money, similar to tournaments but more risky. Here participants will be equipped with their own weapons in a general melee of all against all. The winner will be the last characer alive and will earn 5.000 GC. Roll 2d6 for the number of participants and generate them with local and surrounding army lists.

Tournaments and Circus can only be fighted once a year in the same capital city, but if you like that sport you can travel all the capital cities of Talomir!

Castle of the lord

Here you can offer your services as a mercenary or sign it for his army. Also, you can ask him if he has some mission for you. Roll 1d6 and with 5-6 he will offer a mission. Roll 1d6 again to find out which:

1 Escort him to a neighbour capital city at random.

2 Deliver a letter to the lord of a neighbour capital city at random.

3 Assasinate a merchant who is offending the lord demanding his many debts. You alone against the merchant Rep 3 improvised weapons and his body guard in a dark alley (generate him by rolling once on the local army list).

4 Bring him alive a enemy noble for a ransom or for interrogation.

5 Raise 1d6 Rep 4 soldiers for his army. You have to recruit them in the normal way and then give them to him.

6 Collect taxes from a reluctant city. Go to talk the talk with their hostile inhabitants.

You will receive one extra Social Advancement plus 1d6 x 100 Gold Crowns for each accomplished mission.


Painted Warmaster Empire soldiers on single bases

They come from the Warmaster Empire range, command and arquebusiers blisters, and I painted them for my skirmishes with WHAA. They'll fight as Altengardians. As usual you can click on them for a larger version.