The Light of the Emperor.

"Thanks to your investigation, the net descends onto the Enemy’s hidden organization and its troubling plans. You have even identified the precise location of the Enemy’s Chief Agent and his retinue of close followers. You plan to confront his personal force with your own, strength to strength, warband to warband. However, it in a flash of inspiration that could only be sent from the Emperor himself, it soon becomes clear to you that the Chief Agent would never stand loyally alongside his followers to face what could only be certain doom. Rather, he is leaving them to their fate while he escapes with only one or two lackeys in tow, obviously hoping that the destruction of his own retinue will buy him the time he needs to escape. You decide that two can play at this shadowy game, and you quietly select a few most trusted-and dangerous-members of your retinue to accompany on this final mission and silently go on your way to meet out the Emperor’s justice."

SETUP: This final mission takes place in a sprawling but abandoned ruin that is filled with small chambers and corridors. The Enemy deployment zone is in the centre of the table, out of LOS of the player. The player’s force will be deployed in a random direction out of LOS 12” away from the enemy.

OBJECTIVE: The only objective is to slay the Enemy’s Chief Agent before he can leave the board, which will lead the player to win both the mission and the campaign. If the Enemy Chief Agent does leave the board, the mission and the campaign are both lost indelibly.

Click on the first picture and enjoy the show!

Well, another campaign finished, a campaign initially played with ITEN rules, then with Combat Cards and finally with Chain Reaction Final Version. ITEN rules are quite good and fast, plus they have a lot of very useful retinue lists and a magnificent campaign system that can be played with any ruleset.

I kept playing the campaign with CRFV because I always liked that ruleset and when it was released the Final Version with its new In Sight Test I had to try it, and so I include it in the campaign. The new In Sight Test is awesome, it is the discovering of the wheel in the world of wargames and I recommend everybody to try it.

One final note. I'm considering selling my four 6 mm Epic Space Marine retinues so if anybody is interested just let me know it here or in my email: frajahema[at]yahoo[dot]es.
You can see some pics of them here, here and here.