Tzeench Chaos Champion

This one came with his left hand missing. The original miniature was holding two twin swords but, as I couldn't find anything similar in my bit box, I finally went for an oversized hand that I've seen on other Tzeench miniatures. 

So I took a hand from one of my old Space Hulk plastic Genestealers, and I think it fits in so well that it looks like it belongs to it.

So it is not an original miniature but it sure is a one-of-a-kind. What do you think?

The miniature as it came.

The miniature finished.


Khorne Chaos Champion

I bought this fellow from the eighties for two pounds. It is a Champion of Chaos with the classic dog head of Khorne. I was going to strip out the paint but then I realized it was well primed and already base coated in red, so I ended painting from there onwards.

The miniature as I received it.

The miniature as it is now.

From different angles (nice smile, huh?)

I was younger again for a few hours painting this miniature from the eighties.


Chaos Warriors

Two friends have resumed painting their 4th edition Warhammer armies (High Elves and Undead) so I have painted these Chaos Warriors for my Chaos army to get some extra points deployed on the table.

The reason why I haven't painted them before is because I never liked these miniatures. Actually, I bought the army box, painted and then sold them years ago. All except these ones that I didn't paint until now.

So I did some speed painting on them to have them ready for battle. I sprayed them in light metal, then I painted base colours, red for shields and cloaks, dark grey for boots and furs, bone for horns and skulls and gold. Then I washed them with acrylic Betumen of Judea and once dry, gave them some quick lights with the same base colours plus a dot of white.

They are now ready either for The Old World or for my friends finishing their armies; whatever comes first.