San Holo, space smuggler

In a Laserburn / Rogue Trader nostalgic mood I grabbed this miniature I had around from long ago and painted it. I like how it turned out, and I must say it looks better in the flesh than in these crappy pictures.

I am thinking of painting some more miniatures similar to this one and make a band of adventurers for my skirmishes. Do you know of any modern sculpted miniatures with Old School flavour that can be used for Laserburn or RT games?


My Orc warband for Mordheim

I finally painted the Orc shaman and with him I have finished my warband for Mordheim. Now it is time for another project.

I thought about painting some flames on his slevees, or maybe some stars on his dress, but I wanted to finish ASAP so I did nothing in the end. His clothes need contrast but his hair compensates that.

And here it is my whole Orc warband ready to rumble in the streets of Mordheim! If you want to see closer pics of it just scroll down for previous posts.