I painted this 1/72 soft plastic Caesar Wood Elf as a Drow for fun's sake in a friendly painting contest at Benno's forum. I did it experimenting with Xpress paints, washes and normal paints.


  1. First of all thanks to your post we had to search and learned what a "drow" is: a dark elf in D&D. Btw we wonder where the idea of ​​a whole race of evil elves came from - not from Tolkien's universe, it seems to us...
    Really good work on the miniature for such a small scale. You have managed to give the clothes and the coat very convincing shades, which recall the richness of silk or velvet.

  2. Drows belong to D&D universe and I suppose they were created there but I'm not sure. Drizzt D'urden is a very famous Drow character with many books published. Thanks for your nice comments about my painting.