A knight in Talomir

 A knight in Talomir is a supplement campaign for Warrior Heroes Adventures in Talomir ruleset from Two Hour Wargames, and this is how it starts:

You are Jean de la Roche, a minor noble and knight from the interior lands of Jellway, in the Borderlands in Talomir. You are sitting in the hall of your castle, looking at the fireplace with a glass of spiced wine in your hand, away from the chilling wind outside.

You are warm and safe, but you sorely miss the days of adventure, when you rode through the kingdom helping people from evil doers, exploring dungeons, killing monsters and witches as well as saving damsels in dire need.

So when you heard news of a Great Fair being held in Edhelion, South of Jellway, you quickly saddle up and take the road once again.

Adventure and the possibility of gaining honors and riches awaits you!

So my character is a wandering knight and his first mission is just to take the road and have some encounters along (minimum 3). He is a Rep 5, Star, swordman and with the combat perk "critical hit", and equipped with a long sword and shield, helmet, full chainmail and a war horse and a purse with 6 increasing Rep d6.

As he rides down the road he first meet with a group of pilgrims traveling to visit the Temple of the Amulet of Sorbrowane. They are a caster, a knight, a soldier, a peasant and a sheperd (miniatures are 1/72 soft plastic ).


Sir Jean addresses first to the caster (using here the new NPC Interaction chart, Courtly talk). The caster receives him well and barters a vial of mana for 1 Rep d6. Jean then talks with the knight who is very much impressed by his courtly manners; Jean gets an extra 1 Rep d6. He finally talks to the soldier but he doesn't get anything interesting from this simple man. After that, he resumes his travel, ignoring the peasants.


On his second encounter he just finds some food that can be gathered. He gains 1 Rep d6.

On his third and last compulsory encounter Sir Jean meets a noble woman who turns to be the lady of lord of a neighbouring castle. Again, Jean impresses the lady with his courtly and refined manners (gets 1 Rep d6), and seeing he has all her attention, he pushes forward to take a quest from the lady, but this turns to be too much for a first meet and she  dissmises him with contempt (loses 1 Rep d6).


I was having fun and didn't want to finish yet this first mission, so I went for another encounter in the road as I can have as much as I want. This time it was an ambush of four bandits!

Sir Jean activated first and charged the closest villain who almost thrusted his horse with a spear but was finally slain. Then it was the bandits' turn, and though they attacked the knight together, they were no match for him and were quickly and easily dispatched.

Suddenly, a stone smashed against his shield and turning his horse, he charged at the man with the sling and killed him in no time. Those poor bastards didn't know who they were attacking and paid with his lives. And much more they did pay as Sir Jean found coins in their pockets for a total of 9 Rep d6 plus two magical objects, a potion of vision and the sword of seeking!

 He then happiliy resumed his travel towards the Great Fair and future adventures.



  1. Love it, thanks for sharing! I really like your miniatures, where did you get them?

    1. Thanks John! knights and retinue are Hät Spanish heavy infantry (El Cid), peasant from Strelets, bandits are a mix of Zvezda and Emhar, the lady is from Caesar's and the animals from Pegasus Hobbies. All of them 1/72 soft plastic boxes, very affordable. You can see better pics of them at my 1/72 gallery in this blog. Cheers.

  2. A very smooth start for your hero, made up mostly of polite chatter between gentlemen and ladies - apart from the bandits, who probably forgot to say hello when they met de la Roche...😁 Now we understand what the unarmored foot miniature is for . Not knowing the rules at all, we ask you however if in a situation of conversation between nobles what Jean experienced is normal or could have gone even worse: for example getting to insult each other or challenge each other to a duel.

  3. Thanks Rodor. The worse result is either losing 1 Rep d6 which is like currency in this system, or become sworm enemies so next time you meet him or her there will be a fight. Favourable results allow you to trade, recruit or getting Rep d6s a job or a mission. Rules are open so you can adapt the results to your adventure. For example, a favourable result can turn into a piece of useful information.

  4. Sounds like a strong start to a campaign, I like rules that being life to the non combat parts of a campaign.

    1. Yes, it shouldn't be all slashing. WHAT is light RPG and skirmish; enogugh for having reasons to fight.